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#include"a.h" // ngn/k, (c) 2019-2021 ngn, GNU AGPLv3 -
#define Kx K x
#define Ky K y
C TK(Kx)_(Tk[xt])
N NK(Kx)_(xn)
S V VK(Ct,V*a,Kx){I(xtZ,x=cT[t](x))Mc(a,xV,xn*TZ[t]);I(xtR,I(xr==1,AN(0,x))E(mRn(xn,xV)))x(0);}
// constructors accessors
// atom list atom list
K Kc(Cv)_(ac(v)) K KC(C*a,Nn)_(aV(tC,n,a)) C cK(Kx)_(xv) V CK(C*a,Kx){VK(tC,a,x);}
K Ks(C*s)_(sym(s)) K KS(C**a,Nn)_(Ax=aS(n);i(n,xi=sym(a[i]))x)
K Ki(Iv)_(az(v)) K KI(I*a,Nn)_(aV(tI,n,a)) I iK(Kx)_(xv) V IK(I*a,Kx){VK(tI,a,x);}
K Kf(Dv)_(ad(v)) K KF(D*a,Nn)_(aV(tD,n,a)) D fK(Kx)_(*xD) V FK(D*a,Kx){VK(tD,a,x);}
K KL(K*a,Nn)_(a?aV(tA,n,a):aA(n)) V LK(K*a,Kx){VK(tA,a,x);}
K Kp(V*p)_(al((L)p))
K K1(Cv,Kx)_(v1[si(vc,v)](x))
K K2(Cv,Kx,Ky)_(v2[si(vc,v)](x,y))
V KA(Qs,Kx){x=dmd(A(as(sym(s)),oA,av,x),4);if(x)mr(x);}
V KR(Qs,V*f,In)_(KA(s,ae(f,n)))
K KE(Qs)_(e0(s))
K ref(Kx)_(xR)
V unref(Kx){mr(x);}