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Awesome List Template

This is an awesome-list template with CI to run awesome-lint and awesome_bot to be compliant from the beginning.


  1. generate a template of this repo
  2. run a find & replace of YOUR_GITHUB_USER/YOUR_REPO with your details
  3. edit
    • update the h1 title
    • update the subtitle
    • update the description
    • add img src, make it link to the site of the thing in the image.
  4. choose a CI template
    • GitHub Action: move config folder from repo-root/ci/.github/ to repo-root/.github
    • Circle CI: move config folder from repo-root/ci/.circleci/* to repo-root/.circleci/*
    • GitLab CI: move config file from repo-root/ci/.gitlab-ci.yml to the repo-root/.gitlab-ci.yml
  5. run a find & replace to in the CI you chose
  6. delete this file
  7. rename file to


Contributions welcome!