A collection of awesome resources for running your own federated social media website.
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Awesome Fedi Admin Resources

A collection of awesome resources for running your own federated social media website.

The Fediverse is a network of many different social media servers that communicate with each other using the ActivityPub protocol.


General guides

  • runyourown.social: Darius Kazemi's guide to running a small social network site for your friends.


A number of small independent companies offer managed Mastodon hosting, where they take care of technical aspects of installation and updates. You won't have direct server access/control, which may come into play if you want to do advanced customization and configuration.

Prices given are for the lowest tiers.

  • Masto.host: Managed hosting for Mastodon ($6 USD/month).
  • Fedi Monster: Managed hosting for Mastodon, glitch-soc, and Hometown (€9/month), Pixelfed (€7/month), and GoToSocial (€5/month).
  • Spacebear: Managed hosting for Mastodon, Hometown, and Pleroma (€16/month), Pixelfed (€12/month), and PeerTube (€20/month).
  • Toot.io: Managed hosting for Mastodon ($24 USD/month).
  • Cloudplane: Managed hosting for Mastodon and GoTosocial (€6/month).
  • Weingärtner IT Services: Managed hosting for BookWyrm (€11/month), CalcKey (€5/month), Castopod (€7/month), Funkwhale (€7/month), Lemmy (€11/month), Mastodon (€4.50/month), Peertube (€7/month), and Pixelfed (€11/month). EU & Switzerland only.
  • Thunderhost: Managed hosting for Mastodon ($15 USD/month).

Other hosts do not manage it for you, but allow easy installation.

  • DigitalOcean: starting at $4 USD/month for hosting (but realistically more like $12) and $5/month for storage.


  • Jortage: Cloud storage for fediverse servers.

Installation, configuration & scaling


Scaling & Configuration


Background colour swatches for testing custom emoji

Here are swatches of default Mastodon and Hometown theme colours for testing the appearance of custom emoji. For use in Inkscape, here's an SVG version.

Moderation & blocking

Note: I can't believe I have to write this, but if you have no moderating experience—like, not even a YouTube video's comments section—I would strongly suggest not starting a Fediverse server at all until you have help. Yes, even if you are a tech-savvy, well-meaning white guy. ESPECIALLY if you are a tech-savvy, well-meaning white guy.

Basic blocklists

Note: You must have a blocklist in place before accepting members. You should also independently verify that each server is block-worthy, unless you personally trust the person who compiled the blocklist.

  • Weirder.earth's Suggested Instance Blocks: A minimal worst-of-the-worst blocklist that is a good starting point. (Note: At this point somewhat outdated—some servers have closed, others have cleaned up their act or may be below other people's thresholds of blockworthiness—but useful for historical reference.)

  • Ten Forward Instance Suspensions: A solid (~280) blocklist, most with links to the admin's announcement with reasons for blocking.

  • PaulaToThePeople's blocklist: Basic blocklist divided into categories: worst-of-the-worst, malware, Twitter crossposters, etc.

  • Garden Fence: @brook@sunny.garden's basic blocklist, periodically generated based on servers blocked by at least 75% of a small group of trusted "reference servers".

  • Oliphant.social Shared Blocklist Files: a more granular set of lists based on different tiers of consensus (60%+, 50%, 33%, etc.), using a nearly identical list of trusted servers.

  • Seirdy's Fediverse blocklists: @seirdy@pleroma.envs.net's blocklists, consisting of the pleroma.envs.net blocklist, a smaller subset suitable for servers that have signed on to the Mastodon Covenant, and an even smaller "worst of the worst" subset.

Blocking & moderation tools

  • mastodon-block-tools: ineffyble's extensive collection of tools for importing and syncing blocklists.

  • The Bad Space: Are0h's searchable catalog of known block-worthy instances, with reasons. Under development.

  • Fediblock, deduped: A Mastodon account boosting new #FediBlock posts beyond the "usual suspects". Good to follow once one has a solid blocklist in place.

Migration & shutdown

  • The Mastodon Server Covenant requires admins notify users at least 3 months in advance before shutting down the server.

  • Cybre.space end-of-life announcement: One example of a long-running server announcing its shutdown. The admin gives users 3 months before making the server read-only (so users can log in and manage their accounts, but not post or follow new people), and then at least 1 year before taking the server down completely.

Admin community

  • Donate to Mastodon's Patreon to get access to the official development Discord.

  • FediAdmin Forum: A community for fediverse instance administrators to connect and network with each other. Aiming to be a one-stop-shop for all things fediverse administration.

I Know Someone running a Discord for like-minded admins, but I don't know if they want it to be public information, so uhhh…if you're an admin, contact me on Mastodon and I'll pass your name along?


Who else should we be following!?


Contributions of any kind welcome, just follow the guidelines!


Thanks goes to these contributors!