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Sleep Better With Content Encryption

Content encryption can secure data even when the database has left the company. Effective content encryption not only makes attackers life harder, it also provides sound sleep for management, OPs, and everybody else responsible for data.

But there is another, equally important side: Microservices, Big Data, Machine Learning — these are the buzzwords that make a developers eye gleam.

In reality these are often replaced by Integrating legacy systems, file based data exchange via ftp, and laws & compliance.

Content encryption and other cryptographic measures can help bring together technology and the ugly side of business. Though they are not for the careless to implement. This slide deck will give you a very short introduction into the why and how of implementing cryptography into your applications.

You might even push snooze on your alarm clock when the next Heartbleed hits the news.



Here are some example slides. The whole presentation (Keynote) can be found here. A pdf export is also available. You can view the slides in your browser.

Topic Slide


Value of data



Data classification

Trust Anchors

Pattern 1/2

Pattern 2/2

Transparent Encryption 1

Transparent Encryption 2

Storing Keys

Algorithm Rollover


Data Integrity

Access Control


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