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Nathan Owens 51d02d3621 update 1 hour ago
alertmanager-openrc Add alertmanager-openrc 3 days ago
atftp-openrc Add atftp-openrc 4 days ago
auditbeat-openrc Add auditbeat 6 hours ago
chrony-openrc Add chrony-openrc 4 days ago
coturn-openrc Add coturn-openrc 4 days ago
cozy-stack-openrc Add cozy-openrc 3 days ago
dante Add dante-openrc 3 days ago
deluge-openrc Add deluge-openrc 4 days ago
dns-oh Rename dns-over-https initd,confd 2 days ago
dropbear-openrc Add dropbear-openrc 4 days ago
ejabberd-openrc Update 1 day ago
emby-openrc Update 9 hours ago
exim-openrc Update 2 hours ago
fcgiwrap-openrc Add fcgiwrap-openrc 1 day ago
filebeat-openrc Add filebeat 7 hours ago
freeradius-openrc Add freeradius-openrc 4 days ago
heartbeat-openrc Add heartbeat 6 hours ago
hiawatha-openrc Update - include fixed letencrypt.conf 1 day ago
iodine Add iodine-openrc 3 days ago
knotd-openrc Add knotd-openrc 4 days ago
lxcfs-openrc Add lxcfs 1 hour ago
lxd-openrc update 1 hour ago
matterbridge-openrc Add matterbridge-openrc 4 days ago
metricbeat Add metricbeat-openrc 3 days ago
minetest-openrc Update 4 days ago
minicom-openrc Initial minicom 2 days ago
minio Add minio-openrc 3 days ago
mopidy Add mopidy-openrc 3 days ago
mpd-openrc Add mpd-openrc 4 days ago
murmur-openrc Update 4 days ago
ngircd-openrc Add ngircd-openrc 3 days ago
nsd-openrc nsd-openrc 4 days ago
openfire-openrc Update 4 days ago
opensips-openrc Update 4 days ago
opensmtpd-openrc Add opensmtpd-openrc 4 days ago
packetbeat-openrc Add packetbeat 6 hours ago
pptpd-openrc Add pptpd-openrc 1 day ago
prosody-openrc Update 4 days ago
radicale-openrc Add radicale-openrc 3 days ago
shairplay Update 4 days ago
sslh-openrc Update 4 days ago
sthttpd-openrc Update 4 days ago
stunnel-openrc Add stunnel-openrc 4 days ago
teamspeak3-server Update 3 days ago
tftp-hpa-openrc Add tftp-hpa-openrc-openrc 4 days ago
transmission-openrc Add transmission-openrc 4 days ago
unrealircd Update 4 days ago
webfs Update 4 days ago
webhook Update 4 days ago
wireguard-openrc Update 4 days ago Initial commit 4 days ago