Schlimm is an attempt to create a fork of the SLiM desktop manager.
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.TH slimlock 1 "June 10, 2011" "version 0.8"
\fBslimlock\fP - Unholy Screen Locker
.fam C
\fBslimlock\fP [-v]
.fam T
The Frankenstein's monster of screen lockers. Grafting SLiM and slock together
leads to blood, tears, and locked screens.
display version information
Slimlock reads the same configuration files you use for SLiM. It looks in \fICFGDIR/slim.conf\fP and \fICFGDIR/slimlock.conf\fP, where \fICFGDIR\fP is defined in the makefile. The options that are read from slim.conf are hidecursor, current_theme, background_color, and background_style, screenshot_cmd, and welcome_msg. See the SLiM docs for more information.
slimlock.conf contains the following settings:
.B dpms_standby_timeout
number of seconds of inactivity before the screen blanks.
.BI "Default: " 60
.B dpms_off_timeout
number of seconds of inactivity before the screen is turned off.
.BI "Default: " 600
.B wrong_passwd_timeout
delay in seconds after an incorrect password is entered.
.BI "Default: " 2
.B passwd_feedback_msg
message to display after a failed authentication attempt.
.BI "Default: " "Authentication failed"
.B passwd_feedback_capslock
message to display after a failed authentication attempt if the CapsLock is on.
.BI "Default: " "Authentication failed (CapsLock is on)"
.B show_username
1 to show username on themes with single input field; 0 to disable.
.BI "Default: " 1
.B show_welcome_msg
1 to show SLiM's welcome message; 0 to disable.
.BI "Default: " 0
.B tty_lock
1 to disallow virtual terminals switching; 0 to allow.
.BI "Default: " 1
.B bell
1 to enable the bell on authentication failure; 0 to disable.
.BI "Default: " 1
.BR slim (1)