Schlimm is an attempt to create a fork of the SLiM desktop manager.
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1.3.6 - 2013.10.01
* Merge slimlock.
* Add support ^H (like backspace).
* And fix some bugs.
1.3.5 - 2012.12.31
* Support UTF8 string.
* Add systemd service.
* And fix some bugs.
1.3.4 - 2012.06.26
* Replaced stderr writes function.
* Fix numlock control.
* Fix build with GLUT.
* Fix PAM authentication.
1.3.3 - 2012.02.22
* Change build system to CMake.
* Add support ConsoleKit.
* Fix some bugs....
1.3.2 - 2010.07.08
* Add support xauth secret.
* Add xnest_debug mode.
1.3.1 - 2008.09.26
* Added focus_password config option for focusing password
automatically when default_user is enabled
* Added auto_login option
* Fixed uninitialized daemonmode, see
* Fixed maximum length for password
* Introduced customization options for session text:
font, colors, position, shadows.
1.3.0 - 2006.07.14
* Added PAM support by Martin Parm
* Fixed segfault on exit when testing themes. Thanks
to Darren Salt & Mike Massonnet
* Fixed vt argument detection, thanks to Henrik Brix Andersen
* Corrected reference to input_color in the default theme
* Fixed default shell setting
* Fix segfault when calling XCloseDisplay(NULL); thanks Uli Schlachter
1.2.6 - 2006.09.15
* Bug #008167: Update pid when in daemon mode
* Fixed warnings when compiling with -Wall. Thanks to
* Fixed major memory leaks with repeated login (bug #007535)
1.2.5 - 2006.07.24
* hiding of the cursor is now an option (disabled
by default) since some WMs does not re-initialize
the root window cursor.
* The X server is restarted when the user logs out.
This fixes potential security issues with user-launched
apps staying attached to the root window after logout.
* Bug #7432 : Added proper Xauth authentication: the X server
is started with the -auth option and the user who logs
in has his .Xauthority file initializated.
1.2.4 - 2006.01.18
* Added commands for session start and stop
(i.e. for session registering)
* Added automatic numlock on/off option
* Support for numpad Enter key
* Restored support for daemon option in the config
* Lock file now uses process id, no more false
locking (thanks to Tobias Roth)
1.2.3 - 2005.09.11
* Added FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD support
* Replaced autotools with plain makefile(s)
* Added 'suspend' command (untested, we don't use it)
* Added support for %theme variable in login command
1.2.2 - 2005.05.21
* fix panel drawing on screens <= 1024x768
* Don't start X server unless valid theme found
* revert to 'default' of invalid theme specified
* try all themes from a set if one doesn't work
1.2.1 - 2005.05.17
* draw input directly on panel
1.2.0 - 2005.05.16
* added theme preview (slim -p /path/to/theme)
* added JPEG support for panel image
* added 'center' background type and 'background_color' option
* added text shadow
* added warning when execution of login command fails
* Fix login failure when no shell specified in /etc/passwd
* Print error when login command execution fails
* add XNEST_DEBUG ifdef's to allow for easy debugging
* Add support for Ctrl-u and Ctrl-w
* Add 'vt07' to server arguments if not already specified
* Removes daemon option from the config file. Use slim -d
* Allow 'current_theme' to be a set of themes, choose randomly
* Change default theme
1.1.0 - 2004.12.09
* error messages for X11 apps are no longer redirected
to the log file
* fixed text position for default theme
* added configurable shutdown and reboot messages
* separated 'Enter username' and 'Enter password' messages
* due to the previous two points, the theme format has
slightly changed
1.0.0 - 2004.12.07
* First public SLiM release