This repository contains microcontroller program source code and circuit schematics for building the parts for an open hardware and FLOSS based compact cassette player/recorder.
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# This is a very basic tracking signal encoder that outputs a sine wave
# on 19 kHz using the ffplay (from ffmpeg).
# A different sound card that the default card can be set using the
# environment variable AUDIODEV. For example:
# If another sound system shall be used, it can be set
# using the SDL_AUDIODRIVER environment variable. For example:
# SDL_AUDIODRIVER="othe-sound-system"
# These both environment variables can be combined.
echo "Generating a tracking signal now. Press CRTL-C to stop this script."
ffplay -nodisp -loglevel fatal -f lavfi -vn -i "sine=frequency=19000" -volume 80