Friclicli is a CLI based client for the decentralised social network Friendica.
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About friclicli

Friclicli is a CLI client for the decentralised social network Friendica. The name friclicli is an abbreviation for Friendica CLI client.

Compilation and installation

To compile friclicli, install the following dependencies first using the package management of your operating system.

  • CMake: Friclicli uses CMake as build system.

  • libcurl: NOTE: Depending on your operating system you may choose between different flavours of libcurl which are linked to different SSL libraries. The choice of SSL library is (probably) irrelevant for friclicli.

  • libncursesw and libncurses: Friclicli needs those libraries for its GUI.

After that, you have to fetch the cJSON library as additional dependency. It is included as git submodule in the friclicli repository. All you have to do is run the following git commands in the main directory of the friclicli repository:

git submodule init
git submodule update

After the installation of the dependencies, create a new folder called "build" inside the main directory of the friclicli repository and execute cmake from a shell inside the "build" directory:

cmake ..

This will tell cmake to build everything inside the "build" directory without mixing build files with the rest of the repository.

If you want to debug friclicli you should run cmake from the "build" directory with the parameter CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debug set:

cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debug ..

When cmake has finished you can simply run "make" for single core computers or "make -jX" for multi core computers where X is the number of CPU cores your computer has.

To install friclicli system-wide (not recommended at this moment) you can just run "make install" in the "build" directory as root.

Randomly answered questions

(There are no questions about friclicli yet so naming this section FAQ would be wrong.)

Why write a CLI client for a social network?

There are several reasons to do so:

Being compatible with old hardware

There are computers out there that don't work well with the Friendica GUI. On old computers from the last decade your Friendica instance may load for half a minute in your browser. But also modern computers like the Rasperry Pi will require a lot of time (minutes) until the Friendica page is loaded in Firefox. I know from experience ;)

CLI software has the advantage of being fast even on old hardware with poor graphics performance. You may want to try the Mutt/NeoMutt E-Mail client on the Raspberry Pi to know what I mean ;)

Having a CLI client for Friendica would mean being able to use Friendica on a Raspberry Pi computer or a similar computer in text mode. Furthermore one could probably use friclicli on old computers from the 90s that are still supported by free operating systems and use those computers longer.

If all software would be written so that it can run on old hardware we would have less electronic waste since people can use their computers a lot longer.

There are people out there who like CLI software

I (and other people out there ) like an interface that is cleaned up and easy to use from the keyboard. If you know the Mutt/NeoMutt E-Mail client you know how convenient it can be to manage your mails using nothing but your keyboard. The same can be done for Friendica.

Does friclicli have a Code of Conduct?

No, and I don't plan to add a Code of Conduct in the style the Linux kernel adopted it recently (around 2018-09). For me, everything is fine as long as people contribute to this project in the form of source code, bug reports or by criticising this project in a constructive manner.

You have reached the end of the file. I wish you a pleasant day.

Regards, Moritz