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  • Socialist, software developer, recycling activist, electronics hobbyist, cyclist and more.

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endemm (encoder and decoder for multimedia) is a program to convert multimedia data.

Updated 4 days ago

Moeripper is a DVD ripping solution for bulk ripping of DVDs. It supports ripping a DVD track with multiple audio and subtitle tracks into one matroska file.

Updated 5 days ago

necis (new computer interface system) is a GUI concept for interacting with computers.

Updated 2 months ago

The open system compact cassette (OSCC) project aims to improve compact cassette playback by using modern microcontroller technology.

Updated 2 months ago

yauclib - yet another microcontroller library. This library is an attempt to write device drivers and an abstraction layer for different microcontroller families in C++.

Updated 3 months ago

ucmf (microcontroller make frontend) is a helper program to produce makefiles for microcontroller projects. It supports compilation for different microcontroller families from the same source code files.

Updated 4 months ago

Index and query files using custom attributes and a small SQLite database.

Updated 5 months ago

INACTIVE PROJECT! This is a tiny program for desktop browsers, written in JavaScript and using HTML 5 technology. It lets you create SRT subtitles for videos your browser supports without using a server or remote service.

Updated 8 months ago

tape-ng is an attempt to write a program for compiling compact cassette mixtapes by a new generation of mixtape creators that wants to use their computer rather than vinyl or CD players to get the music onto tape.

Updated 9 months ago

Secamizer is a console application which aims to reproduce the "SECAM flare", a disturbance from the analog TV colour standard SECAM, on digital images.

Updated 9 months ago

TssWiki is a tiny ruby based static wiki engine that generates a wiki out of markdown documents.

Updated 10 months ago

TsMediaPage is a static web site generator for multimedia pages.

Updated 10 months ago

This repository contains electronic device connector specifications that can be used to build modular electronic devices.

Updated 10 months ago

This is a free software/hardware charger for lithium manganese dioxide rechargeable button cells (ML2032, ML2016, ML1220) that is designed for maximum safety. WARNING: IN DEVELOPMENT! DO NOT CHARGE BATTERIES WITH THIS CIRCUIT!

Updated 12 months ago

Hangul-MAK is an attempt to store Hangul syllabic blocks more efficiently by using a final state machine. MAK is an abbreviation for "móó annerschd kodiert", which is saarlandish (a german dialect) for "encoded differently".

Updated 1 year ago