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from random import randint
from sendmail import sendmail
import config
def zuordnen(anzahl):
zu_list = []
for i in range(anzahl):
found = False
while not found:
j = randint(0, anzahl-1)
if j not in zu_list and (j != i):
found = True
elif j not in zu_list and (anzahl - len(zu_list) == 1) and (j == i):
return zuordnen(anzahl)
return zu_list
if __name__ == '__main__':
ordnung = zuordnen(len(config.members))
counter = 0
password = input("Type your password and press enter: ")
for i in config.members:
text = config.mail_text.format(receiver=i['name'], picked_person=config.members[ordnung[counter]]['name'])
html = config.mail_html.format(receiver=i['name'], picked_person=config.members[ordnung[counter]]['name'])
counter += 1
sendmail(config.subject, text, html, i['mail'], password)