️ Mirror of https://code.mro.name/mro/form2xml | 🐫 ✂️ extract multipart/form-data dumps (RFC2388) to html (xml). Comes with a CGI to catch such dumps and an xslt trafo to Atom (RFC4287)
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# dump HTTP post requests. Nice for off-site, static website feedback.
# Use e.g. https://mro.name/form2xml to process them.
# where do you want to dump to?
cd "$(dirname "${0}")/../../../dumps" || exit 1
# https://stackoverflow.com/a/52363117
[ "${CONTENT_LENGTH}" -gt 0 ] || exit 2
dst="$(date +%FT%H%M%S).post"
printf "%s: %s\r\n" "Content-Type" "${CONTENT_TYPE}"
printf "%s: %s\r\n" "Content-Length" "${CONTENT_LENGTH}"
# printf "%s: \"%s\"\r\n" "User-Agent" "${HTTP_USER_AGENT}"
printf "%s: %s\r\n" "Remote-Address" "${REMOTE_ADDR}"
printf "\r\n"
} > "${dst}~"
chmod a-wx "${dst}~" \
&& mv "${dst}~" "${dst}"
cat <<EndOfMessage
Status: 302 Found
Location: danke.html