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  • 💫 It seems that perfection is attained not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing more to remove.

    <Antoine de Saint Exupéry>

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self-reliantly posting on the #Fediverse. 🐫 | ️ Mirror of

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Hugo sources for my personal blog.

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➡️ Mirror of | #🌐 🐫

Updated 1 week ago

️ Mirror of | A non-commercial shop software

Updated 2 weeks ago

🐫 ✂️ convert a RFC2388 multipart/form-data dump to a minimal xhtml form containing the same data as the form before submission. Comes with a CGI to catch such dumps and an xslt trafo to Atom RFC4287. | ️ Mirror of

Updated 2 weeks ago

️ Mirror of | Easy to host, one-way bridge from Atom RFC:4287 to

Updated 2 months ago

tweaked hugo theme

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Some running real world usecases.

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📻 🐚 Radio Privatkopie

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📱 🍏 The iOS 9+ share extension for Shaarli. Once ShaarliOS, now #Shaarli💫

Updated 9 months ago

️ Mirror of | 🐫 Add, delete and list tags of files stored in filenames.

Updated 11 months ago

Mirror of | API wrapper for Shaarli exposing Zero-config, drop-in, single-file CGI deployment.

Updated 12 months ago A starter kit to help you get started developing your own maps for

Updated 1 year ago

️ Mirror of| ZeroBin as a 1-file, 0-dependencies paste.cgi. Implemented in 🐫 OCaml.

Updated 1 year ago