An experiment in building a better XMPP client. This time using Flutter.
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# Moxxy
An experimental XMPP client that tries to be as easy, modern and beautiful as possible.
The code is also available on [codeberg](
[<img src="" alt="Get it on IzzyOnDroid" height="80" />](
## Screenshots
[<img src="" width="20%"></img>](./fastlane/metadata/android/en-US/images/phoneScreenshots/1.png)
[<img src="" width="20%"></img>](./fastlane/metadata/android/en-US/images/phoneScreenshots/2.png)
## Developing and Building
Clone using `git clone --recursive`.
In order to build Moxxy, you need to have [Flutter]( set
up. If you are running NixOS or using Nix, you can also use the Flake at the root of the repository
by running `nix develop` to get a development shell including everything that is needed. Note
that if you decide to use the Flake, `ANDROID_HOME` and `ANDROID_AVD_HOME` must be set to the respective directories.
Before building Moxxy, you need to generate all needed data classes. To do this, run
`flutter pub get` to install all dependencies. Then run `flutter pub run build_runner build` to generate
state classes, data classes and the database schemata. After that is done, you can either
build the app with `flutter build apk --debug` to create a debug build,
`flutter build apk --release` to create a relase build or just run the app in development
mode with `flutter run`.
After implementing a change or a feature, please ensure that nothing is broken by the change
by running `flutter test` afterwards. Also make sure that the code passes the linter by
running `flutter analyze`. This project also uses [gitlint](
to ensure uniform formatting of commit messages.
Also, feel free to join the development chat at ``.
## A Bit of History
This project is the successor of moxxyv1, which was written in *React Native* and abandoned
due to various technical issues.
## License
See `./LICENSE`.
## Special Thanks
- New logo designed by [Synoh](