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    PapaTutuWawa released this 3 months ago | 0 commits to master since this release

    Another release. This time, a few more bug fixes and features!

    • Fix a bug where the connection would get stuck while reconnecting
    • Add an emoji picker. Due to how Flutter currently works, it may be a bit wonky in combination with the soft keyboard
    • Implement File Upload Notifications
    • The shared media display is now split by date. The way it is done is not optimal, though
    • Fix login with Disroot. This means enabling login using PLAIN
    • Fix getting stuck after login
    • Fix not showing certain negotiation errors on the login page
    • Make copying images and videos for sending much smarter so that it should take less time before the message appears in the message list
    • Add shadows to certain back button icons that may have a bright background