A 2D game engine for building PS1 games.
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degree2 engine

degree2 is a game engine that is capable of producing 2D PlayStation 1 games. You'd write the game in the source/game directory, separating the different parts of your game into different "gamestates." This separates your game code from engine code and helps keep your game code modular. Of course, you don't really have to follow what I say; just do whatever you want ;)


  • A Windows or Linux environment
  • PsyQ SDK
  • mkpsxiso


  1. in source/engine/psx.h:
  • make sure that REGION is set to the region you want (NTSC_DISC or PAL_DISC)
  • compile for EXE or DISC by setting EXE_BUILD to TRUE or FALSE
  1. Run make.bat
  2. done

Note 1: If you edit the name of the iso/cue file in a_build.xml or e_build.xml, also apply the new name to GAME_NAME in make.bat so that the clean function works properly.

Note 2: According to this post, you can get PsyQ running on Linux using Wine and tinyxml2.