OBS script to update peertube title for permanent live.
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OBS Peertube live title Script

This LUA script is intended to make possible to update a peertube permanent live metadata from OBS:

  • specify name, tags and description (name-desc) as text sources (can be in a scene that won't be used in live)
  • when stream starts:
    • peertube API is called to get the out-of-live name-desc data, it is stored in a file for in case OBS crashes
    • name-desc is stored in a var in the script
    • have name-desc updated according to the source when stream starts (event OBS_FRONTEND_EVENT_STREAMING_STARTING)
  • have a keyboard shortcut to sync peertube name-desc according to OBS scene content (for in case of in-live changes)
  • when stream ends:
    • peertube API is called to restore the out-of-live name-desc from stored var
  • if OBS crashes, we need to be able to restore name-desc from stored file with a keybinding


Test cases

  • stream starts: stream info updated
  • stream stops: stream info from before stream updated
  • stream crash: restore initial stream info with keybinding
  • during stream: keybinding to update stream info


  • show an optional alert when stream info is updated
  • show alert on error in api calls
  • find a way to update thumbnail of video
  • post notification of name change to some external channel (matrix, mastodon, etc)
  • add timestamp to log output
  • syntax checker on json fields
  • write install instuctions
  • move live info storage to a temp file


This piece of code is public domain, and WTFPL. It was a collaborative effort from mose, tytan652, shinobi, 12b, greencoder, subreptice and others that participated in the https://live.mose.dev daily lives, where live coding happened.

Fuck the copyright. Information wants to be free.