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Adding icons

We have a LOT of icons to go still.

In this example, we will add Catima's icon (which is already in here).

  1. Choose a filename. It must start with acryl_. For example: acryl_catima.jpg
  2. Save the icon in app/src/main/res/drawable
  3. Add the icon name in app/src/main/res/values/iconpack.xml
  4. Use the app Turtl to figure out the activity name. In Catima's case, this is me.hackerchick.catima/protect.card_locker.MainActivity
  5. Add the icon to app/src/main/res/xml/appfilter.xml with the correct activity name

Turtl Catima example Turtl shows 2 lines for Catima: me.hackerchick.catima and protect.card_locker.MainActivity. To calculate the activity name we need for appfilter.xml we just put those after each other with a / in between, so it becomes me.hackerchick.catima/protect.card_locker.MainActivity