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Momkin (from Arabic [ممكن](, "doable") helps you learn languages by visualizing what's being said. All you need is some audio file that goes with a subtitle file (supported format: .srt). You can download those files with apps like [NewPipe](, but you can also create them yourself with programs like [Aegisub]( In the future, it's planed for Momkin to explicitly support the Birkenbihl approach ([German Wikipedia entry]( by allowing word-to-word translations of the original transcript.
<img width="500" alt="Screenshot of Momkin showing subtitles (Spanish/English) of YouTube video 'Presentaciones en español - Aprender español conversacion' by Tio Spanish" src="fastlane/metadata/android/en-US/images/phoneScreenshots/1.png"><img width="500" alt="Screenshot of Momkin showing main screen with possibility to select files" src="fastlane/metadata/android/en-US/images/phoneScreenshots/2.png">
## License
This program is Free Software: You can use, study share and improve it at your will. Specifically you can redistribute and/or modify it under the terms of the [GNU Affero General Public License]( as published by the Free Software Foundation, version 3 of the License.