A continuous integration tool built for the Codeberg community
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Codeberg CI

What is it?

Codeberg CI is a Continuous Integration platform for Gitea, that is built for simplicity & flexibility, and offers the following features:

  • tasks based on https://taskfile.dev, because it's simple, flexible & works cross-platform
  • environment-based secrets (not accessible from forks)
  • step conditions (based on e. g. branch or commit), using Taskfile's preconditions
  • multiple operating system images based on libvirt (Codeberg will only provide alpine and debian)
  • resource limits for CPU, RAM, disk space (also for logs) and build time, adjustable per user/organization or repository
  • caching for APK/DEB repositories & Docker images
  • secure public and private workers
  • full Gitea integration (as far as possible with the Gitea API)

Example Taskfile.yml

version: '3'

      - apk add --no-cache go
      - task: build
      - task: release
      WORKER_IMAGES: alpine

      - go build -v -ldflags '-s -w' -o ./example main.go

      - tea release create --tag "$GIT_TAG" --title "$GIT_TAG" --asset ./example
      - test -n "$GIT_TAG" # must be non-empty

Current Progress

  • Run a method in the manager whenever a Gitea repo updates (#1)
  • Implement simple secret store & configuration (worker key that can be overwritten by a secret, resource limits) (#2)
  • Delegate the build to the correct worker (with multiple workers being allowed to share a secret) (#3)
  • Run the taskfile's ci task in a worker (#4)
  • Put the progress/results back into the Gitea API through the manager (#5)
  • Provide neccessary environment variables to for Taskfile's preconditions (#6)
  • Implement log storage & viewer (#7)
  • Make secrets configurable by repo owners (write-only) (#8)
  • Use libvirt for virtualization (#9)
  • Select worker image based on tasks.ci.vars.WORKER_IMAGES (with the possibility to run multiple simultaneous builds on different images!) (#10)
  • Populate the WORKER_IMAGE variable in the VM (#11)
  • Enforce resource limits in libvirt (#12)
  • Enforce maximum per-build time and daily/weekly/monthly build seconds (#13)
  • Cache APK/DEB repositories & Docker images (#14)
  • Smartly manage available disk space, log retention, and so on (#15)
  • Choose sane defaults for resource limits (#16)
  • Add TOML support to Taskfile (#17)
  • Make sure that conditions are working correctly without causing the pipeline to fail (like preconditions) (#18)