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The smallest watchdog on earth. Tiny, monitoring-plugins compatible monitoring with a status page. https://cloud.docker.com/repository/docker/momar/chihuahua/general
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  1. module codeberg.org/momar/chihuahua
  2. go 1.12
  3. require (
  4. codeberg.org/momar/logg v0.0.0-20190401150843-5da6fa03dc95
  5. codeberg.org/momar/ternary v0.0.0-20190206091215-7d184a388958
  6. github.com/aofei/air v0.10.4
  7. github.com/teris-io/cli v1.0.1
  8. gopkg.in/gomail.v2 v2.0.0-20160411212932-81ebce5c23df
  9. gopkg.in/yaml.v2 v2.2.2
  10. )