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Version numbering

MoeNavigatorEngine uses three parts for the software version. The scheme is "major.minor.maintenance", where "major" is the current big release, "minor" is a feature upgrade and "maintenance" is a bugfix release.

This versioning scheme starts with the version 0.1.0. Versions before 0.1.0 are in pre-alpha stage and therefore too unstable for bugfix releases.

Alpha, beta and release

  • Versions before 0.1 can be considered to be in pre-alpha stage.
  • Versions before 0.8 can be considered to be in alpha stage.
  • Versions between 0.8 and 1.0 can be considered to be in beta stage.
  • Versions starting from 1.0 can be considered as stable releases.
  • Future stable versions (2.x.y, 3.x.y) will initially have the version number 1.999.x, 2.999.x and so on.