MoeNavigator is an attempt to write a web browser that is highly configurable, secure, anonymous and fast.
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MoeNavigator README


MoeNavigator relies on Qt5. Please make sure that the Qt5 libraries and development headers are installed before compiling MoeNavigator. You also need to build and install MoeNavigatorEngine whose source code can be found here:

To compile MoeNavigator, you need to invoke qmake, followed by make. To avoid messing up the source directory with build files, you can create a subdirectory named “build” and call qmake from there:

qmake ..

After that, you can run make as usual:

make -jX

(X represents the number of parallel make jobs you want to run)

After make has finished, you will have the moenavigator executable in the build directory. Enjoy browsing!


The documentation can be found in the MoeNavigator wiki at

The content of the wiki is also available as git submodule in the main repository. To get the documentation, use the following two git commands in the repository:

git submodule init
git submodule update

After that, the wiki content is available in the subfolder named “doc”.