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<p><a href="/"><img src="assets/minimal-click-logo.svg" height="50" width="200" alt="mnml Logo" /></a> </p>
<p><a href="index.html">home</a> | <a href="About.html">about</a> | <a href="latest_updates.html">now</a> | <a href="all.html">all</a> </p>
<h1>The library 🌱 <a name='Library'></a></h1>
This is the studio library. These books are currently in the library to learn and decant into this wiki. There's not current link to these texts right now as some of them are under copyright.
<h2>Articles<a id="articles" class="h_anchor"></a></h2>
- <a href="./How_to_build_an_open_studio.html" title="How to build an open studio" class="page">How to build an open studio</a> 🌿<br>
- The <a href="./five_excellences.html" title="five excellences" class="page">five excellences</a>🌳
<h2>Books<a id="books" class="h_anchor"></a></h2>
<i>Created Friday 27 May 2022</i><br>
<i>Last updated Wednesday 01 June 2022</i>
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| <a href='./Python.html'>Python</a>
| <a href='./index.html'>index</a>
Everything is a work in progress • <a rel="me" href="">mastodon</a>
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We value <a href="/privacy.html">privacy</a><a href="/manifesto.html">manifesto</a> • chaotic good • ✊🏿 ⚧ 🏳🌈 🌍
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