Most harder mod of mobs.. crefully adapted to minenux
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Mobs bugs + changes
* Ensure phoenix cannot burn through unswappable
* Started, test
* Re-test mobs with midas and putting ability, as "air" was removed from the unswappable nodes list
* snow biter and icesnake may need to have it in their custom lists ?
* Check ABMs respect protection?
Server-oriented changes
* Find a way to ensure that fire does not spread, without changing external mods...
* exploding mobs use generic mobs_redo explode attack
* mobs_redo uses tnt.explode which determines the fire type on its own
* for now, this is on an ABM in fire mod - it may be that for NSSM deployment we will need to add a fire override mod...
API refactoring
* Split materials.lua into nodes, items, abms
* in-progress
Cleanup + misc enhancements
* Make `_egg` marker consistent
* Check if mobs are ever registered as items
* Perhaps remove `_egg` designations altogether
* Perhaps remove duck egg building recipes