Most harder mod of mobs.. crefully adapted to minenux
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Not So Simple Mobs

(C) 2016 NPX Team and Contributors , GPLv3

NSSM adds a wide variety of very hostile mobs, as well as new weapons, armours and foods.

This mod is a continuation of NPX Team's Not So Simple Mobs. Notes from the original README are available below.


  • License for the code: GPLv3
  • License for non-code assets: see LICENSE_MEDIA.txt

Version Dependencies

This mod relies heavily on the features in TenPlus1's mobs_redo, which is developed independently.

This version of NSSM was adjusted to run against commit 487e037cc9 (from 2018-12-20). If you are having problems with mod compatibility, please ensure you are using a version of mobs_redo close to that commit.

For some NSSB mobs, there is a dependency on the 3d_armor API itself. This mod has been adjusted to work with version at tag version-0.4.12 (June 2018) ; most later versions should work too.

Minetest 0.4

The current master branch is adjusted to support Minetest 5.x

For Minetst 0.4.x Suport , use the branch minetest-0.4-support:

git checkout minetest-0.4-support


This mod provides some extra settings for fine tuning the experience:

  • nssm.server_rainbow_staff - Rainbow Staff is a powerful tool instead of a block placer

  • nssm.energy_boosts - allows player to eat energy for a stats bost

  • nssm.energy_lights - allows placing energy as temporary light sources

  • nssm.unswappable_nodes - Various mobs and tools replace nodes int he environment as part of their attacks and movements.

    • This list defines nodes that cannot be swapped by such activities
    • bones:bones and default:chest_locked are always unswappable
  • nssm.spearmodifier - Allows slowing down spears. 1 for default speed, 0.5 for half speed

    • Impact is still preserved
    • Use this setting if the server experiences lag ; fast spears on laggy servers rarely get collision-detected

The original notes from NPX Team ! --¬

We suggest that you play nssm with:

  • NSSB (Not So Simple Buildings, NPX Team's second mod that adds many blocks and Morlendor, the new dimension!)
  • 3d_armors (with which you can use nssm armors):
  • unified_inventory (useful to discover all the new recipes and to use the armors):
  • a throwing mod (a mod that add bows) if compatible with the Tenplus1's damage_system

We would like to thank:

  • PilzAdam, for his wonderful simple-mobs mod;
  • Tenplus1, for his hard work in making mobs_redo;
  • Echoes91, for Spears: simple but amazing;
  • and obviously Celeron-55 and all the people who contributed to Minetest and its community (and Paramat in particular);
  • Denise and Ponzi_Duro for the revision of the guide;
  • Double_P, Ponzi_Duro, Andrey01 and Taikedz for the beta testing;

The mod makes the game really hard, please read the wiki before playing: (which will be updated as soon as possible) or the old guide for the 2.4 version.

Here are the trailers of the mod:

NPX Team ~