VenenuX mod for complex bridges on minetest
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VenenuX minetest mod bridger

bridges complex advanced nodes conducive to building complex bridges


this mod is named bridger and adds large number of advanced nodes conducive to building large, industrial bridges.

Drawbridges/swivel bridges can be opened and shut with mesecons. The off state is shut, and the on state is open.

Technical info

No crafting guide in game yet, the code is not so clean but if it ain't broke, don't fix it


The list of dependencies are in order or relevance and priority to work:

Required to work:

  • default
  • stairs

Optional Recommended

  • moreblocks
  • stairsplus


The file crafts.lua have all the registered nodes, there are larger amount of.

Original forum post


  • Code: MIT
  • Media: CC BY-SA 3.0