VenenuX fork of the ambience mod for patches
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Ambience Lite API

This short guide will show you how to add sound sets into ambience mod for the api to use and play sounds accordingly. Please note that the order they are added will affect sound checks, so high priority sets first. For more info check

Function Usage

Adding Sound Set

ambience.add_set(set_name, def) 'set_name' contains the name of the sound set to add 'def' contains the following: 'frequency' how often the sound set is played (1 to 1000) higher is more 'nodes' contains a table of nodes needed for checks 'sound_check(def)' function to check if sounds can be played, def contains: 'player' player userdata 'pos' position of player 'tod' time of day 'totals' totals for each node e.g. def.totals["default:sand"] 'positions' position data for every node found 'head_node' name of node at player head level 'feet_node' nameof node at player foot level

This will let you add a set or sounds with the frequency it's used and check function for it to play. If ephemeral is true then no handler will be used and sound will be played in background alongside other sounds.


ambience.add_set("windy", { frequency = 500, nodes = {"default:sand"}, sounds = { {name = "wind", length = 9, gain = 0.3}, {name = "desertwind", length = 8, gain = 0.3}, {name = "crow", length = 3, ephemeral = true}, }, sound_check = function(def) local number = totals["default:sand"] or 0 -- yep, can also be nil if number > 20 then return "windy", 0.2 -- return set to play and optional gain volume end end, })

Getting Sound Set


This returns a table containing all of the set information like example above.


local myset = ambience.get_set("windy") -- returns everything inside {} above.

Deleting Sound Set


This will remove a sound set from the list.



See also

For more info check