VenenuX fork of the ambience mod for patches
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minetest mod ambience

Provides ambience sounds and ambience music environment


This mod is named ambience and add music and sound depending of the environment and eye sing of player.


Two volume commands have been added to set sound and music volume to players

command need privs arg values default description
/svol <arg> server 0.1 to 1.0 1.0 Set the volume of the sound effects
/mvol <arg> server 0.1 to 1.0 0.6 Set the volume of the music of the game 0 can be used to stop music from playing when it begins


If you have installed locally will play music from your local mod, but when play server, will play music from server using media donwload way.

Technical information

This is a fork from original if still exits.

The main differences are:

  • It provides the music wich is free to use, but honoring its author Dark Raven Music, who made it especially for minetest, check
  • It provides the documentation that is not present, important so that users can know what to do.
  • It ensure backwards compatibility for older engines and versions, also reduces the media files size

For servers, this mod means your server can have a high traffic of media. Local there's no such problem due the local link.


  • default
  • fire (optional
  • playerplus (optional)


This is a fork to mantain up to date and in sync with backguard compatibilty, can be downloaded from and must be named as ambience.

Original work can be downloaded from if still exits.


You can set those configurations in the mod tab at the gui, or added those option to the minetest config file at game directory, to the main global config file.

config option type default description
ambience_music bool true If enabled will play a random music file from ./minetest/sounds at midnigh.
ambience_water_move bool true If enabled then ambience will take over sounds when moving in water.

For more info check


Music can be stored in the sounds folder either on server or locally (if client have the mod also) and so long as it is named 'ambience_music.1', 'ambience_music.2' etc. then it will select a song randomly at midnight and play player.

Original mod does not provide the music files, you must download from, this fork provides free CC-BY-SA music from Dark Reaven Music (

These can be stored in ambience directory /sounds for all to share, or on a local client in .minetest/sounds for singleplayer custom music.

Order is very important when adding a sound set so it will play a certain set of sounds before any another.

It will overrides default water sounds, then will check for env_sounds mod, if not found enable water flowing and lava sounds, water sound plays when near flowing water.

Fire sounds will be detected if fire_redo/fire lite mod is detected and flame_sound setting is enabled.


Code license: MIT

Sounds check sounds/SoundLicenses.txt file

Music licence © CC BY 4.0 Dark Reaven Music