fast and simple flat wiki system from markdown
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import argparse
import logging
import os
import re
import shutil
import sys
from textwrap import dedent
import time
from marko import Markdown
import frontmatter
import modules.link_utilities as links
IGNORE = ['.DS_Store']
LOGFILE = 'build.log'
RESERVED = ['index', links.raw_start[2:-2], links.raw_end[2:-2]]
DATE_FORMAT = '%Y%m%d%H%M'
marko = Markdown(extensions=['gfm'])
# Utilities #
def update_config(internal_config: dict, external_config_fp: str):
""" Update default config with any user values """
logger = logging.getLogger('update_config')
Running with:\n\
internal_config: {internal_config}\n\
external_config_fp: {external_config_fp}'))
with open(external_config_fp, 'r') as f:
config_file =
for line in config_file.split('\n'):
if line == '':
key, value = line.split('=', 1)
key, value = key.strip(), value.strip()
# Cast the config value to the type that's in the default
internal_config[key] = type(internal_config.get(key, 'string'))(value)
def delete_current_html(directory: str):
""" Delete all existing HTML files in directory """
logger = logging.getLogger('delete_current_html')
Running with:\n\
directory: {directory}'))
for file in os.listdir(directory):
if os.path.splitext(file)[1] == '.html':
os.remove(os.path.join(directory, file))
def copy_css_file(pages_dir: str, output_dir: str):
""" If CSS files in _swiki directory, copy to output """
logger = logging.getLogger('copy_css_file')
Running with:\n\
pages_dir: {pages_dir}\n\
output_dir: {output_dir}'))
swiki_folder = os.path.join(pages_dir, '_swiki')
if os.path.isdir(swiki_folder):
for file in os.listdir(swiki_folder):
if os.path.splitext(file)[1] == '.css':
shutil.copy2(os.path.join(swiki_folder, file), os.path.join(output_dir, file))
def copy_media(current_folder: str, media_file: str, output_dir: str):
""" If non-Markdown file exists in folder, copy to output """
logger = logging.getLogger('copy_media')
Running with:\n\
current_folder: {current_folder}\n\
media_file: {media_file}\n\
output_dir: {output_dir}'))
shutil.copy2(os.path.join(current_folder, media_file), output_dir)
# Wiki Helpers #
def place_in_container(element: str, html_id: str or None, content: str) -> str:
""" Place content in container with ID """
logger = logging.getLogger('place_in_container')
Running with:\n\
element: {element}\n\
html_id: {html_id}\n\
content: {content}'))
id_attr = f' id="{html_id}"' if html_id else ''
return f'<{element}{id_attr}>{content}</{element}>'
def add_last_modified(content: str, last_modified: time) -> str:
logger = logging.getLogger('add_last_modified')
Running with:\n\
content: {content}\n\
last_modified: {last_modified}'))
if last_modified == time.gmtime(0):
return content
return f'{content}<p class="last-modified">Last modified: {time.strftime(DATE_FORMAT, last_modified)}</p>'
def make_page_dict(root: str, rel_path: str, file: str) -> dict:
""" Make dict of all page specific data """
logger = logging.getLogger('make_page_dict')
Running with:\n\
root: {root}\n\
rel_path: {rel_path}\n\
file: {file}'))
page = {'folder': rel_path}
fp = os.path.join(root, rel_path, file)
with open(fp, 'r') as f:
file_contents =
page['metadata'], page['content'] = frontmatter.parse(file_contents)
page['metadata']['description'] = page['metadata'].get('description') or ''
last_modified = time.gmtime(os.path.getmtime(fp))
page['metadata']['last_modified'] = last_modified
page['links'] = links.get_local(page.get('content'))
return page
def add_page_to_sitemap(title: str, folder: str, sitemap: dict):
""" Add page info to sitemap """
logger = logging.getLogger('add_page_to_sitemap')
Running with:\n\
title: {title}\n\
folder: {folder}\n\
sitemap: {sitemap}'))
if not sitemap.get(folder):
sitemap[folder] = []
return sitemap
def load_frame(swiki_dir: str) -> str:
logger = logging.getLogger('load_frame')
Running with:\n\
swiki_dir: {swiki_dir}'))
with open(os.path.join(swiki_dir, 'frame.html'), 'r') as f:
frame =
# Remove extra space in frame code
frame = re.sub(r'(?<=\n)\s*', '', frame)
frame = re.sub(r'(?<=>)\s*(?=<)', '', frame)
frame = re.sub(r'(?<=[;{}(*/)])[\s]*', '', frame)
return frame
def fill_frame(frame: str, content: str, metadata: dict) -> str:
""" Fill out HTML frame with page information """
logger = logging.getLogger('fill_frame')
Running with:\n\
frame: {frame}\n\
content: {content}\n\
metadata: {metadata}'))
frame = frame.replace('{{title}}', metadata.get('title', ''))
frame = frame.replace('{{description}}', metadata.get('description', ''))
frame = frame.replace('{{content}}', content)
return frame
def format_recent_list(pages: dict, max_length: int) -> str:
logger = logging.getLogger('format_recent_list')
Running with:\n\
pages: {pages}\n\
max_length: {max_length}'))
last_modified_list = []
for filename, page_info in pages.items():
{'title': page_info['metadata'].get('title'),
'filename': filename,
'last_modified': page_info['metadata'].get('last_modified')}
last_modified_list.sort(key=lambda item: item['last_modified'], reverse=True)
recent_list = last_modified_list[:max_length]
html = '<section class="recent-list"><h2>Recent Changes:</h2><ul>'
for page in recent_list:
formatted_lm_time = time.strftime(DATE_FORMAT, page.get('last_modified'))
title, filename = page.get('title'), page.get('filename')
html += f'''<li>{formatted_lm_time}: <a href="{filename}.html">{title}</a></li>'''
html += '</ul></section>'
return html
def prepare_page_for_file(page_info: dict, filename: str, tab_size: int) -> str:
logger = logging.getLogger('prepare_page_for_file')
Running with:\n\
page_info: {page_info}\n\
filename: {filename}\n\
tab_size: {tab_size}'))
# If page is linked to but it hasn't been made yet, give it placeholder metadata
if not page_info.get('metadata'):
page_info['metadata'] = dict()
page_info['metadata'] = {'title': page_info['metadata'].get('title', filename),
'description': page_info['metadata'].get('description', ''),
'last_modified': page_info['metadata'].get('last_modified', time.gmtime(0))}
logger.debug(f'Page metadata: {page_info["metadata"]}')
content = marko.convert(page_info.get('content', 'There\'s currently nothing here.'))
content = content.replace('\t', ' ' * tab_size)
content = f'<h1 id="title">{page_info["metadata"].get("title")}</h1>{content}'
content = links.add_external(content)
content = links.add_local(content)
content = links.add_backlinks(content, page_info.get('backlinks', []))
content = add_last_modified(content, page_info['metadata'].get('last_modified'))
content = place_in_container('article', 'content', content)
content = place_in_container('main', 'main', content)
return content
def make_sitemap_header(index_info: dict, pages: dict, build_config: dict) -> str:
logger = logging.getLogger('make_sitemap_header')
Running with:\n\
index_info: {index_info}\n\
pages: {pages}\n\
build_config: {build_config}'))
index_html = f'<h1 id="title">{index_info["metadata"].get("title", "Sitemap")}</h1>'
index_html += marko.convert(index_info.get('content', ''))
if build_config.get('recent_list'):
index_html += format_recent_list(pages, build_config.get('recent_list_length'))
return index_html
def make_wiki_index(sitemap: dict, pages: dict) -> str:
logger = logging.getLogger('make_wiki_index')
Running with:\n\
sitemap: {sitemap}'))
def convert_folder_to_html(folder_name: str, display_name: str = None) -> str:
inner_logger = logger.getChild('convert_folder_to_html')
Running with:\n\
folder_name: {folder_name}\n\
display_name: {display_name}'))
if not display_name:
display_name = folder_name if folder_name else "[root]"
display_name = display_name.replace('/', '/<wbr/>')
sorted_folder_list = sorted(sitemap.get(folder_name), key=lambda name: name.lower())
html = f'<details><summary>{display_name}</summary><ul>'
for filename in sorted_folder_list:
page_info = pages.get(filename)
formatted_title = f'<a href="{filename}.html">{page_info["metadata"].get("title")}</a>'
if description := page_info["metadata"].get("description"):
html += f'<li>{formatted_title} - {description}</li>'
html += f'<li>{formatted_title}</li>'
html += '</ul></details>'
html = place_in_container('div', None, html)
return html
sorted_folders = sorted(sitemap.keys(), key=lambda folder_name: folder_name.lower())
wiki_index_html = ''
for folder in sorted_folders:
wiki_index_html += convert_folder_to_html(folder)
return wiki_index_html
def make_sitemap(sitemap_html: str, frame: str, index_metadata: dict) -> str:
""" Make sitemap out of index content and frame """
logger = logging.getLogger('make_sitemap')
Running with:\n\
sitemap_html: {sitemap_html}\n\
frame: {frame}\n\
index_metadata: {index_metadata}'))
page_html = place_in_container('main', 'main', sitemap_html)
return fill_frame(frame, page_html, index_metadata)
# Wiki Builder #
def make_wiki(pages_dir: str, output_dir: str, build_config: dict):
""" Create flat wiki out of all pages """
logger = logging.getLogger('make_wiki')
Running with\n\
pages_dir: {pages_dir}\n\
output_dir: {output_dir}\n\
build_config: {build_config}'))
pages = dict()
media_files = set()
for subfolder, _, files in os.walk(pages_dir):'Folder: {subfolder}')
rel_path = subfolder.replace(pages_dir, '').lstrip('/')
logger.debug(f'New relative path: {rel_path}')
# Ignore all folders with preceding underscore
if rel_path and rel_path[0] == '_':
for file in files:'File: {file}')
filename, extension = os.path.splitext(file)
logger.debug(f'Filename and extension: {filename} {extension}')
# Ignore all files with preceding underscore or non-Markdown files
if filename[0] == '_' or filename in IGNORE:
logger.debug(f'File skipped: {file}')
if extension != '.md':
logger.debug(f'Media file found: {file}')
if file in media_files:
raise RuntimeError(f'''File "{rel_path}/{file}" conflicts with another file "{file}".''')
copy_media(subfolder, file, output_dir)
page = make_page_dict(pages_dir, rel_path, file)
page_filename = links.kebabify(page['metadata'].get('title') or filename)
if page_filename in RESERVED:
logger.debug(f'Filename in RESERVED: {page_filename}')
page_filename += '_'
# add backlinks to all pages this page links to
for link in page['links']:
link_filename = links.kebabify(link)
# if page being linked to does not yet exist, give it the title
# as seen in the current page (e.g. Bob Fossil, not bob-fossil).
# This will be overwritten by the given title if the page exists.
if not pages.get(link_filename):
pages[link_filename] = dict()
if not pages[link_filename].get('metadata'):
pages[link_filename]['metadata'] = {'title': link, 'description': ''}
if not pages[link_filename].get('backlinks'):
pages[link_filename]['backlinks'] = []
# add current page to "backlinks"
pages[link_filename]['backlinks'].append({'title': page['metadata'].get('title', page_filename),
'filename': page_filename})
# If page already exists and it is not a stub
if pages.get(page_filename) and pages[page_filename].get('folder') is not None:
current_folder = page.get('folder') + '/' if page.get('folder') else ''
existing_folder = rel_path + '/' if rel_path else ''
raise RuntimeError(f'''Page "{current_folder}{page['metadata'].get('title')}" with filename "{page_filename}" conflicts with page "{existing_folder}{pages[page_filename]['metadata'].get('title')}" with filename "{page_filename}".''')
# Else if page exists and it *is* a stub
elif pages.get(page_filename):
pages[page_filename] |= page
pages[page_filename] = page
logger.debug(f'Page dict created: {pages[page_filename]}')
swiki_dir = os.path.join(pages_dir, '_swiki')
# If there is an index file, build page dict
if os.path.isfile(os.path.join(swiki_dir, '')):
pages['index'] = make_page_dict(pages_dir, '_swiki', '')
logger.debug(f'Index file: {pages["index"]}')
# Load frame file
frame = load_frame(swiki_dir)
# Build all files and populate sitemap dict
sitemap = dict()
index = {'metadata': dict()}
for filename, info in pages.items():'Page: {filename}')
# If it's the index/sitemap page, don't build it
if filename == 'index':
index = info
file_content = prepare_page_for_file(info, filename, build_config['tab_size'])
filled_frame = fill_frame(frame, file_content, info.get('metadata', dict()))
logger.debug(f'Writing file: {filename}.html')
with open(os.path.join(output_dir, f'{filename}.html'), 'w') as f:
# If page doesn't belong to a folder, then it is a stub
dest_folder = info.get('folder', STUBS_FOLDER_NAME)
sitemap = add_page_to_sitemap(filename, dest_folder, sitemap)
sitemap_header = make_sitemap_header(index, pages, build_config)
wiki_index = make_wiki_index(sitemap, pages)
sitemap_html = sitemap_header + wiki_index
filled_frame = make_sitemap(sitemap_html, frame, index['metadata'])
logger.debug(f'Writing sitemap: index.html')
with open(os.path.join(output_dir, 'index.html'), 'w') as f:
copy_css_file(pages_dir, output_dir)
if __name__ == "__main__":
argparser = argparse.ArgumentParser(description='Create wiki at output dir from input dir.')
argparser.add_argument('input_dir', metavar='input', type=str,
help='the path to the input directory')
argparser.add_argument('output_dir', metavar='output', type=str,
help='the path to the output directory')
argparser.add_argument('--delete-current-html', '-d', action='store_true',
help='delete all HTML in output directory before building')
argparser.add_argument('--recent-list', '-rl', default=False, action="store_true",
help='create most recently modified pages list on index')
argparser.add_argument('--recent-list-length', '-rll', default=10,
help='length of most recently modified pages list')
argparser.add_argument('-v', '--verbose', action='count', default=0,
help='print debug information during build. Use -vv for more details')
args = argparser.parse_args()
# Set log level to either INFO or DEBUG, if -v or -vv
logging.basicConfig(filename=LOGFILE, level=logging.WARN - args.verbose * 10)
if not os.path.isdir(args.input_dir):
sys.exit(f'Input folder not found: {args.input_dir}')
if not os.path.isdir(args.output_dir):
if args.delete_current_html:
config = {
'tab_size': 2,
'recent_list': args.recent_list,
'recent_list_length': args.recent_list_length,
config_fp = os.path.join(args.input_dir, '_swiki', 'config.ini')
if os.path.isfile(config_fp):
update_config(config, config_fp)
make_wiki(args.input_dir, args.output_dir, config)