bloated calender daemon
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A bloated calender software.


  • flexible condition-based recurring tasks
  • automatic scheduling of tasks, based on priority
  • blazing fast and highly configurable 🚀🚀
  • undocumented


  • karld daemon process calculating occurences and scheduling
  • karlc cli-interface for karld (uses unix domain socket)
  • karlgui graphical user interface made with egui (uses the unix domain socket too)
  • karlcommon rust library for shared e.g. protocol
  • ???? browser interface (future, will use websocket)


Packets with JSON-serialized instances of either ServerboundPacket or ClientboundPacket respectively as declared in (karlcommon/protocol.d.ts) are sent over one of the supported methods.

Transport Note Default location/address
Unix domain socket Every line is a packet. /run/user/<uid>/karlender.
Websocket Packets are text messages.
TCP Every line is a packet
Stdio Every line is a packet stdin / stdout


GNU Affero General Public License Version 3 only. See COPYING