A simple stupid reverse proxy
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a simple stupid reverse proxy


  • Simple to configure (see below)
  • Handles connection upgrades correctly by default (websocket, etc.)
  • TLS support
  • TODO: h2; match on uris; connection pools


Run the binary with the a path to the configuration as the first argument. The configuration file is written in TOML and could look like this:

# Both the [http] and [https] sections are optional
bind = ""

bind = ""
tls_cert = "ssl/cert.pem"
tls_key = "ssl/key.pem" # only accepts pkcs8 for now

# this is a lookup table from hostnames to backend address
# in this case, requests for `testdomain.local` are forwarded to
"testdomain.local" = { backend = "" }
"secondomain.local" = { backend = "" }
"static.testdomain.local" = { files = { root = "/srv/http", index = true } }

The configuration can either be specify a backend to forward to or the files key. In that case, static files are served from root and directory listings will be generated if index is true (default). If a directory contains index.html the listing is replace with that file. If index.banner.html, it's content is inserted before the listing.


AGPL-3.0-only; see COPYING