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/* See LICENSE file for copyright and license details. */
typedef struct {
Cursor cursor;
} Cur;
typedef struct Fnt {
Display *dpy;
unsigned int h;
XftFont *xfont;
FcPattern *pattern;
struct Fnt *next;
} Fnt;
enum { ColFg, ColBg, ColBorder }; /* Clr scheme index */
typedef XftColor Clr;
typedef struct {
unsigned int w, h;
Display *dpy;
int screen;
Window root;
Visual *visual;
unsigned int depth;
Colormap cmap;
Drawable drawable;
GC gc;
Clr *scheme;
Fnt *fonts;
} Drw;
/* Drawable abstraction */
Drw *drw_create(Display *dpy, int screen, Window win, unsigned int w, unsigned int h, Visual *visual, unsigned int depth, Colormap cmap);
void drw_resize(Drw *drw, unsigned int w, unsigned int h);
void drw_free(Drw *drw);
/* Fnt abstraction */
Fnt *drw_fontset_create(Drw* drw, char *fonts[], size_t fontcount);
void drw_fontset_free(Fnt* set);
unsigned int drw_fontset_getwidth(Drw *drw, const char *text);
void drw_font_getexts(Fnt *font, const char *text, unsigned int len, unsigned int *w, unsigned int *h);
/* Colorscheme abstraction */
void drw_clr_create(Drw *drw, Clr *dest, const char *clrname, unsigned int alpha);
Clr *drw_scm_create(Drw *drw, const char *clrnames[], const unsigned int alphas[], size_t clrcount);
/* Cursor abstraction */
Cur *drw_cur_create(Drw *drw, int shape);
void drw_cur_free(Drw *drw, Cur *cursor);
/* Drawing context manipulation */
void drw_setfontset(Drw *drw, Fnt *set);
void drw_setscheme(Drw *drw, Clr *scm);
/* Drawing functions */
void drw_rect(Drw *drw, int x, int y, unsigned int w, unsigned int h, int filled, int invert);
int drw_text(Drw *drw, int x, int y, unsigned int w, unsigned int h, unsigned int lpad, const char *text, int invert);
/* Map functions */
void drw_map(Drw *drw, Window win, int x, int y, unsigned int w, unsigned int h);