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Mesche Compiler

Mesche is a programming language that is designed for integration in C applications.

It is used as a high-performance scripting language to drive C applications and enable interactive development of program behavior. The compiler and runtime can be compiled directly into the C application so that this interactivity is available even in shipped applications.


  • Compiles directly to bytecode running on a custom VM
  • First-class functions with closures
  • First-class delimited continuations via reset and shift
  • Tail-call optimization for recursive algorithms and loops
  • Modules can be defined and loaded into Mesche projects
  • Record types with fast setter and accessor functions
  • Native function registration for integrating with C APIs
  • Supports running a VM per OS thread (theoretically, but not tested)
  • Cross-platform build orchestration, dependency management, and release builds with mesche build and mesche cli:


Build from Source

  git clone
  cd build

  # Run the REPL!
  components/cli/mesche repl

Build on Guix

I've provided a guix.scm file which makes it easy to build and install local clone of Mesche on Guix:

  guix shell --pure -f guix.scm coreutils

This will build a local Guix Shell environment where you can run mesche repl.

Alternatively, you can open a development shell to build Mesche using the steps in the previous section:

  guix shell --pure -Df guix.scm coreutils
  # .. run cmake, etc ...



  • Simple: The compiler and runtime should be easy to understand and debug.
  • Extensible: The language will be extensible through macros, Mesche modules, and easy registration of C functions into the runtime.
  • Practical: Provides tools to build C/C++ projects that use Mesche (`mesche build`) and also manage project dependencies, especially those containing Mesche modules.

Use cases

  • Developing hackable tools for creative work (video and music production, writing, task management)
  • Game development with the Substratic Engine
  • Mobile application development (in the future)

Should I use this?

Probably not, this project is highly experimental and will probably change frequently. However, if you find the idea interesting and would like to try it, I would certainly be happy to have your feedback!

Future Features

  • A set of persistent data structures a la Clojure
  • Support for Windows, macOS, and Android
  • Hygenic macro definitions following Scheme's design
  • Authoring C API bindings directly in Mesche code to generate C wrappers
  • APIs for working with dynamic arrays of C structures


This project is licensed under the BSD 3-Clause License.