This repository holds my xterm configuration (Xresources)
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XTerm configuration

What is this?

This is my configuration file for xterm, the standard x11 terminal emulator.

Why is this?

I don't want to lose it.

How do I use this?

You can copy Xresources to ~/.Xresources and load it with the command xrdb ~/.Xresources. You can also do a symbolic link from the Xresources file, to ~/.Xresources with the command ln -s xterm-config/Xresources ~/.Xresources and load it the same way as before (xrdb ~/.Xresources).

What makes this configuration file special?

  • It is mine.

  • It has Ctrl+Shift+c for copy and Ctrl+Shift+v for paste.

  • It has Ctrl++ for increasing the font size and Ctrl+- for decreasing it.

  • It uses a nice Monoespaced font.

  • The cursor blinks.

  • The bell is actually urgent.


  • Improve the font increase and decrease.

  • Think of more stuff to add to the TODO list.