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// Copyright 2020 The Mellium Contributors.
// Use of this source code is governed by the BSD 2-clause
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
package styling
import (
const (
// NS is the message styling namespace, exported as a convenience.
NS = "urn:xmpp:styling:0"
// Unstyled is a type that can be added to messages to add a hint that will
// disable styling.
// When unmarshaled or marshaled its value indicates whether the unstyled hint
// was or will be present in the message.
type Unstyled struct {
XMLName xml.Name `xml:"urn:xmpp:styling:0 unstyled"`
Value bool
// TokenReader implements xmlstream.Marshaler.
func (u Unstyled) TokenReader() xml.TokenReader {
return xmlstream.Wrap(
xml.StartElement{Name: xml.Name{Space: NS, Local: "unstyled"}},
// WriteXML implements xmlstream.WriterTo.
func (u Unstyled) WriteXML(w xmlstream.TokenWriter) (int, error) {
return xmlstream.Copy(w, u.TokenReader())
// MarshalXML implements xml.Marshaler.
func (u Unstyled) MarshalXML(e *xml.Encoder, _ xml.StartElement) error {
_, err := u.WriteXML(e)
return err
// UnmarshalXML implements xml.Unmarshaler.
func (u *Unstyled) UnmarshalXML(d *xml.Decoder, start xml.StartElement) error {
u.Value = start.Name.Space == NS && start.Name.Local == "unstyled"
return d.Skip()
var (
clientInserter = xmlstream.Insert(xml.Name{Space: stanza.NSClient, Local: "message"}, Unstyled{Value: true})
serverInserter = xmlstream.Insert(xml.Name{Space: stanza.NSServer, Local: "message"}, Unstyled{Value: true})
// Disable is an xmlstream.Transformer that inserts a hint into any message read
// through r that disables styling for the body of the message.
func Disable(r xml.TokenReader) xml.TokenReader {
return serverInserter(clientInserter(r))