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Business records, grant proposals, and other documents for Mellium Co-op.
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Sam Whited a0d85ff69b
grants: replace NGI grant with final MoU
The previous TeX version was our original; this patch replaces it with
an ODT file that contains the text of the final, signed, MoU with the
authors addresses redacted for privacy.

Signed-off-by: Sam Whited <sam@samwhited.com>
2023-08-19 08:10:44 -04:00
grants grants: replace NGI grant with final MoU 2023-08-19 08:10:44 -04:00
.gitignore all: don't gitignore biblatex files 2022-12-02 17:29:25 -05:00
README.md all: add initial readme and gitignore TeX files 2022-12-02 09:54:12 -05:00



This repository stores public business records for Mellium Co-op.