a colorized cli DX cluster client
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This script is a command line DX cluster client. It adds the following benefits to the default telnet stream:

  • displays the DX station's country
  • displays the DX station's continent
  • displays if the DX station uses LotW
  • downloads your LotW QSL file and marks all lines with countries that need to be confirmed (optional)
  • displays lines in different colors depending on the continent or band (user configurable)




The following limitations are present:

  • read-only: you can't send commands to the dx cluster server via this tool
  • no filters: you need to configure your filter on the server


ColorSpot needs Python 3 and the following libraries:

  • colored
  • requests

Furthermore, you need an account at LotW for some of the features.

Before installing ColorSpot, please make sure that pip, setuptools and wheel are installed and up-to-date:

# python3 -m pip install --upgrade pip setuptools wheel

Finally, install ColorSpot with pip:

# python3 -m pip install colorspot


To update colorspot, execute the following command:

# python3 -m pip install --upgrade colorspot