A gameplay modification for GZDoom https://github.com/coelckers/gzdoom Made for Freedoom but should work with any Doom IWAD.
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390 lines
12 KiB

grunt/bleedout1 dspodth1
grunt/bleedout2 dspodth2
$random grunt/bleedout {grunt/bleedout1 grunt/bleedout2}
shellshade/sight dsposit
shellshade/active dsposact
shellshade/pain dsplpain
shellshade/death dspldeth
freshgrunt/sight dsposit
freshgrunt/active dsposact
freshgrunt/pain dspopain
freshgrunt/death1 dspodth1
freshgrunt/death2 dspodth2
freshgrunt/death3 dspodth3
$random freshgrunt/death {freshgrunt/death1 freshgrunt/death2 freshgrunt/death3}
babuin/sight dssgtsit
babuin/active dsdmact
babuin/pain dsdmpain
babuin/bite dssgtatk
babuin/melee dsclaw
babuin/attack dsfirsht
babuin/shotx dsfirxpl
babuin/death dssgtdth
putto/shotf dsfirsht
putto/shotx dsfirxpl
putto/spit dsbospit $volume putto/spit 0.2
putto/sight dsboscub
putto/pain dsdmpain
putto/death dsbarexp
yokai/sight dsboscub
caco/ballhum dsplsidl $limit caco/ballhum 0
caco/ballcrack dsrifclk
caco/bigexplode dsbarexp
caco/bigexplodefar dsriffar
caco/bigexplodefar2 dsshtfar
caco/ballecho dsbfgfar
caco/bigcrack dsthubm
caco/bigshot dsdsdshtgn //dsbarexp in d1
caco/charge dscacsit
skull/idlescream dssklatk
skull/activescream dssklatk
baron/ballhum dsplsidl
baron/bigballx dsbarexp
baron/attack dsfirsht
baron/shotx dsfirxpl
cyber/ballhum dsplsidl $limit cyber/ballhum 0
vile/curse dsvilact
barrel/pain dsbspact
barrel/walk dsmetal
tree/pain1 dspodth1
tree/pain2 dspodth2
tree/pain3 dspodth3
tree/pain4 dspopain
tree/pain5 dspdiehi
tree/pain6 dsfdiehi
tree/pain7 dspfdeth
tree/pain8 dspldeth
$random tree/pain {tree/pain1 tree/pain2 tree/pain3 tree/pain4 tree/pain5 tree/pain6 tree/pain7 tree/pain8}
$pitchshift tree/pain 7
marine/sight dssgcock
marine/pain dsplpain
marine/death dspldeth
marine/taunt dstauntm
marinef/pain dsflpain
marinef/death dsfldeth
marinef/taunt dstauntf
marineb/pain dsplsidl
marineb/death dsvulcdn
marineb/taunt dssawful
medikit/scan dsplsidl
medikit/staple dsthubm
medikit/stopper dspunch
medikit/done dsitemup
bandage/rip dsclaw
bandage/rustle dspocket
bloodpack/open dsgopen
bloodpack/shake dspocket
roundmaker/chug1 dsthubm
roundmaker/chug2 dsgopen
roundmaker/pop dsbelt
jetpack/fwoosh dsfwoosh $limit jetpack/fwoosh 0
jetpack/bang dsfirxpl $limit jetpack/bang 0
jetpack/on dsvulcup
jetpack/wear dssgcock
derp/crawl dsdrpcrl
derp/crawl2 dsdrpcrl $pitchset derp/crawl 1.3
derp/repair dsdrpcrl
derp/repair1 dsthubm
derp/repair2 dsgopen
derp/repair3 dsrifclk
$random derp/repairtry {derp/repair derp/crawl weapons/pocket derp/repair1 derp/repair2 derp/repair3 weapons/fmswitch weapons/grenopen}
herp/crawl dsdrpcrl
herp/beep dsitemup
herp/beepready dsitemup
herp/shoot dsrifle
herp/repair dssgcock
herp/repair2 dsbelt
$random herp/repairtry {herp/repair herp/crawl herp/beep weapons/pocket weapons/chunksplat weapons/fmswitch weapons/grenopen}
ied/beep dsitemup
doorbuster/stick dsrlload
potion/open dsgopen
potion/swish dspbtl
potion/chug dsgulp
potion/away dsfclk
radsuit/burst dsfwoosh
radsuit/rip dsclaw
blursphere/pickup dsding
blursphere/use dsbgsit2
blursphere/unuse dsbgsit1
$alias blursphere/hallu0 imp/sight
$alias blursphere/hallu1 grunt/sight
$alias blursphere/hallu2 grunt/active
$alias blursphere/hallu3 demon/active
$alias blursphere/hallu4 world/riflefar
$alias blursphere/hallu5 world/rocketfar
$alias blursphere/hallu6 misc/gibbed
weapons/bulletcrack dsrifsbm $limit weapons/bulletcrack 40
weapons/bigcrack dsthubm $limit weapons/bigcrack 40
misc/arccrackle dsdust $limit misc/arccrackle 0
weapons/chunkflick dsrifclk
weapons/chunksplat dschlp $volume weapons/chunksplat 0.4
weapons/chunkslap dsrifck2 $volume weapons/chunkslap 0.3
weapons/grenopen dsgopen
weapons/guntouch dsrifck2
weapons/fmswitch dsrifck2
weapons/csawopen dsriflod
weapons/csawload dsgopen
weapons/csawclose dsfclk
weapons/csawtouch dsrifclk
weapons/csawbleh dspocket
weapons/pismagclick dsrifclk
weapons/pistoldry dsrifclk
weapons/pischamber1 dsrifck2
weapons/pischamber2 dsrifck2
weapons/deinoblast1 dspistol
weapons/deinoblast2 dsshtfar
weapons/deinoclick dsrifclk
weapons/deinoeject dsgopen
weapons/deinocyl dsrifck2 $volume weapons/deinocyl 0.3
weapons/deinoload dsrifck2
weapons/deinoopen dsgopen
weapons/deinoclose dsrifclk
weapons/smgchamber dsrifck2
weapons/smgmagclick dsrifclk
weapons/smgmagmove dsriflod
weapons/hunter dsshotg $limit weapons/hunter 0
weapons/huntopen dsfclk
weapons/huntreload dsdbload
weapons/huntrack dssgcock
weapons/huntrackup dssgcock
weapons/huntrackdown dssgcock
weapons/huntshort dsrifck2
weapons/slayersingle dsshotg $limit weapons/slayersingle 0
weapons/pocket dspocket
weapons/subfwoosh dswoofsh $limit weapons/subfwoosh 20
weapons/rifle dsrifle $limit weapons/rifle 0
weapons/bigrifle dsbrifle $limit weapons/bigrifle 0
weapons/smack dspunch
weapons/smg dspistol $volume weapons/smg 0.7 $limit weapons/smg 0
weapons/rifleclick dsrifclk
weapons/rifleclick2 dsrifck2
weapons/rifleload dsriflod
weapons/grenreload dsrlload
weapons/riflejam dsrifclk
weapons/rifchamber dsrifclk
weapons/vulcanette dsrifle $limit weapons/vulcanette 0
weapons/vulcbelt dsbelt
weapons/vulcmag dsriflod
weapons/vulcumag dsrifclk
weapons/vulcchamber dsrifck2
weapons/vulcanup dsvulcup
weapons/vulcandown dsvulcdn
weapons/vulcanon dsbelt
weapons/vulcshunt dsgopen
weapons/vulcopen1 dsdbload //dsriflod in Doom1
weapons/vulcopen2 dsfclk
weapons/vulcextract dsdrpcrl
weapons/vulcforcemag dsrifclk
$random weapons/vulcfix {weapons/vulcshunt weapons/vulcforcemag weapons/vulcumag weapons/vulcbelt}
$random weapons/vulctryfix {weapons/vulcshunt weapons/vulcforcemag}
$random weapons/vulctryfix2 {weapons/vulcshunt weapons/vulcopen1 weapons/vulcumag weapons/vulcforcemag weapons/vulcextract weapons/bigcrack weapons/pocket}
weapons/grenadeshot dsgresht
weapons/rockignite dsrlaunc
weapons/rocklaunch dsfwoosh
weapons/rockreload dsrlload
weapons/rockboom dsdshtgn
weapons/rockchamber dssgcock
weapons/rockopen dsrifck2
weapons/rockopen2 dsgopen
weapons/libchamber dsrifclk
weapons/libchamber2 dsrifck2
weapons/libchamber2a dsrlload
weapons/grenreload dsrlload
weapons/plasmas dsfwoosh $limit weapons/plasmas 0
weapons/plasidle dsplsidl $limit weapons/plasidle 4
weapons/plasswitch dsdbload //dssgcock in Doom1
weapons/plasopen dsfclk
weapons/plasload dsriflod
weapons/plasclose dsgopen
weapons/plasclose2 dsrifck2
weapons/plascrack dsthubm $limit weapons/plascrack 0
weapons/bfgcharge dsplsidl
weapons/bfgclick dsrifclk
weapons/bfglock dssgcock
weapons/bfgfwoosh dsfwoosh
weapons/bfgclick2 dsrifck2
weapons/bfgopen dsfclk
weapons/bfgbattout dsriflod
weapons/bfgbattpop dsgopen
weapons/bronto dsdshtgn
weapons/bronto2 dsbrifle
weapons/brontunload dsrlload
weapons/brontoload dsriflod
weapons/brontoclose dsfclk
weapons/bigrifle2 dsbrifle
weapons/boltback dsbarbwd
weapons/boltfwd dsbarfwd
weapons/bossload dsrifck2
weapons/fragpinin dssgcock
weapons/fragpinout dsrifclk
weapons/fragspoonoff dstink
tripwire/gumsplat dschlp
tripwire/fragclick dsrifck2
tripwire/fragpain dsrifclk
tripwire/break dsthubm
ammobox/trapped dsrifclk
ammobox/burst dsfirxpl
ammobox/open dsrifck2
world/riflefar dsriffar $limit world/riflefar 0
world/vulcfar dsriffar $limit world/vulcfar 0
world/herpfar dsriffar $limit world/herpfar 0
world/shotgunfar dsshtfar $limit world/shotgunfar 0
world/rocketfar dsrktfar
world/tbfar dsrktfar
world/tbfar2 dsshtfar
world/bfgfar dsbfgfar
world/explode dsbarexp $limit world/explode 0
misc/arczap dsplsidl $limit misc/arczap 0
misc/arccrackle dsdust $limit misc/arccrackle 0
misc/fragknock dsknock
misc/fragroll dsfrgrol
misc/punch dspunch
misc/bullethit dspunch $volume misc/bullethit 0.3 $limit misc/bullethit 24
misc/bulletflesh dschlp $limit misc/bulletflesh 6
misc/wallchunks dsdust $limit misc/wallchunks 4
misc/smallslop dsslp
$random misc/bloodchunks {misc/smallslop null} $limit misc/bloodchunks 4
misc/firecrkl dsflame $limit misc/firecrkl 0
misc/bfgrail dsfwoosh $limit misc/bfgrail 0
misc/fwoosh dsfwoosh $limit misc/fwoosh 0
misc/tink dstink
misc/heart dsheart
misc/casing dsding $volume misc/casing 0.4 $limit misc/casing 0
misc/casing2 dsrifck2 $volume misc/casing2 0.3 $limit misc/casing 2
misc/casing3 dsrifck2 $volume misc/casing3 0.2 $limit misc/casing 3
misc/casing4 dsding $volume misc/casing4 0.9 $limit misc/casing 4
misc/ladder dsbelt
misc/mobshieldf dsfwoosh
misc/mobshieldx dsfwoosh
//delimit some stock doom sounds
$limit weapons/pistol 0
$limit weapons/plasmax 0
$limit weapons/plasmaf 0
$limit weapons/sawhit 0
$limit weapons/sawfull 0
$limit weapons/rocklaunch 0
$limit skeleton/tracex 0
$limit grunt/active 0
$limit grunt/active1 0
$limit grunt/active2 0
$limit grunt/active3 0
//player stuff
$playersound player male *usefail null
$playersound player male *usemeds dsplpain
$playersound player male *land dsland
$playersound player male *taunt dstauntm
$playersound player female *usefail null
$playersound player female *usemeds dsflpain
$playersound player female *land dsland
$playersound player female *taunt dstauntf
$playersound player neutral *usefail null
$playersound player neutral *grunt dsfoof
$playersound player neutral *pain100 dsflpain
$playersounddup player neutral *pain75 *pain100
$playersounddup player neutral *pain50 *pain100
$playersounddup player neutral *pain25 *pain100
$playersound player neutral *usemeds dsflpain
$playersound player neutral *land dsland
$playersound player neutral *taunt dstauntf
$playersound player neutral *death dsfldeth
$playersound player neutral *xdeath dsfdiehi
$playersound player other *usefail null
$playersound player other *grunt dsdrpcrl
$playersound player other *pain100 dskeenpn
$playersounddup player other *pain75 *pain100
$playersounddup player other *pain50 *pain100
$playersounddup player other *pain25 *pain100
$playersound player other *usemeds dsdrpcrl
$playersound player other *land dsland
$playersound player other *taunt dssawful
$playersound player other *death dskeendt
$playersound player other *xdeath dsbarexp
//additional definitions to allow the standard voices to be selected via hd_skin
player/hdgal/taunt dstauntf
player/hdgal/xdeath dsfdiehi
player/hdgal/grunt dsfoof
player/hdgal/land dsland
player/hdgal/meds dsflpain
player/hdgal/death dsfldeth
player/hdgal/pain dsflpain
player/hdguy/taunt dstauntm
player/hdguy/xdeath dspdiehi
player/hdguy/grunt dsoof
player/hdguy/land dsland
player/hdguy/meds dsplpain
player/hdguy/death dspldeth
player/hdguy/pain dsplpain
player/hdbot/taunt dssawful
player/hdbot/xdeath dsbarexp
player/hdbot/grunt dsdrpcrl
player/hdbot/land dsland
player/hdbot/meds dskeenpn
player/hdbot/death dskeendt
player/hdbot/pain dskeenpn