A gameplay modification for GZDoom https://github.com/coelckers/gzdoom Made for Freedoom but should work with any Doom IWAD.
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addkeysection "Hideous Destructor" HideousDestructor
addmenukey "Secondary Reload" +user1
addmenukey "Switch Fire Mode" +user2
addmenukey "Mag Manager" +user3
addmenukey "Unload Weapon" +user4
addmenukey "Purge Weaponless Ammo" hd_purge
addmenukey "Drop One Ammo Unit" hd_dropone
addmenukey "Taunt" hd_taunt
addmenukey "Play Dead" hd_playdead
addmenukey "Lean Left" +hd_leanleft
addmenukey "Lean Right" +hd_leanright
addmenukey "Lean (use strafe keys)" +hd_lean
addmenukey "Strip Armour" hd_strip
addmenukey "Cycle Same-Weapon Stack" "use spareweapons"
addmenukey "Query all marines" checkin
addmenukey "Rangefinder" hd_findrange
addmenukey "Use Pistol" hd_pistol
addmenukey "Use SMG" hd_smg
addmenukey "Use Grenades" hd_frags
addmenukey "Use Grenade Slot (0)" hd_fragslot
addmenukey "Use Stimpack" hd_stims
addmenukey "Use Medikit" hd_meds
addmenukey "Attempt To Bandage Wound" hd_band
addmenukey "Detonate all IEDs" detonate
addmenukey "Set IEDs passive" iedpassive
addmenukey "Set IEDs active" iedactive
addmenukey "Use HERP" "use herpusable"
addmenukey "Use DERP" "use derpusable"
addmenukey "DERP goto target" derpgo
addmenukey "DERP goto self" derpcome
addmenukey "DERP turret mode" derpt
addmenukey "DERP ambush(idle) mode" derpa
addmenukey "DERP patrol mode" derpp
addmenukey "DERP ambush/turret toggle" derpat
addmenukey "DERP advance N" dmvn
addmenukey "DERP advance S" dmvs
addmenukey "DERP advance E" dmve
addmenukey "DERP advance W" dmvw
addmenukey "DERP advance NW" dmvnw
addmenukey "DERP advance NE" dmvne
addmenukey "DERP advance SW" dmvsw
addmenukey "DERP advance SE" dmvse
addmenukey "Use DERP controller" derpcontroller
addmenukey "Reset airburst" "ab 0"
addmenukey "Set team spawn here" "teamspawn 666"
addmenukey "Clear team spawn" "teamspawn -1"
addmenukey "Toggle crouch-slide" hd_slideoff
defaultbind b hd_taunt
alias +hd_altreload +user1;
alias -hd_altreload -user1;
alias +hd_firemode +user2;
alias -hd_firemode -user2;
alias +hd_unload +user4;
alias -hd_unload -user4;
alias hd_slideon "hd_noslide false;rebind hd_slideoff;"
alias hd_slideoff "hd_noslide true;rebind hd_slideon;"
alias +hd_leanleft "netevent hd_lean -1;"
alias +hd_leanright "netevent hd_lean 1;"
alias +hd_lean "netevent hd_lean 999;"
alias -hd_lean "netevent hd_lean 0;"
alias -hd_leanleft "netevent hd_lean -99;"
alias -hd_leanright "netevent hd_lean 99;"
alias hd_doomguy "give DoomGuyLoadout";
alias hd_strip "netevent hd_strip";
alias hd_purge "netevent hd_purge";
alias hd_dropone "netevent hd_dropone %1";
alias hd_taunt "netevent hd_taunt";
alias hd_findrange "netevent hd_findrange";
alias hd_playdead "netevent hd_playdead";
alias clearweaponspecial "netevent clearweaponspecial";
alias hd_pistol "use HDPistol";
alias hd_smg "use HDSMG";
alias hd_frags "use HDFragGrenades";
alias hd_fragslot "slot 0";
alias hd_stims "use PortableStimpack";
alias hd_meds "use PortableMedikit;wait 1;use HDMedikitter";
alias hd_potion "use BluePotion";
alias hd_band "use SelfBandage";
alias hdskill_hardcore "hd_killerbarrels 5;hd_shardrate 10500;hd_damagefactor 1;hd_encumbrance 1.2;hd_nobleed false;hd_lowspeed true;hd_novilespam true;"
alias hdskill_normal "hd_killerbarrels 5;hd_shardrate 0;hd_damagefactor 1;hd_encumbrance 1;hd_nobleed false;hd_lowspeed false;hd_novilespam true;"
alias hdskill_casual "hd_killerbarrels 0;hd_shardrate 0;hd_damagefactor 0.3;hd_encumbrance 0.;hd_nobleed true;hd_lowspeed false;hd_novilespam true;"
alias hd_instagib "sv_infiniteammo 1;hd_forceloadout bro;hd_blacklist all,saw,pis,rev,smg,hun,sla,vul,z66,blo,lau,thu,lib,bfg,bos,frg;"
alias hd_clearscv "hd_forceloadout none;hd_nobots 0;hd_safelifts true;hd_dirtywindows true;hd_nodoorbuster false;hd_dropeverythingondeath false;hd_3speed 0;hd_flagpole false;hd_pof false;hdskill_normal;echo Hideous Destructor Server CVars reset"
alias hd_clearucv "hd_skin '';hd_myloadout none;hd_helptext true;hd_noscope 0;hd_xhscale 1.0;hd_sightbob true;hd_hudsprite 0;hd_hudusedelay 12;hd_aimsensitivity 0.1;hd_bracesensitivity 1.0;hd_;hd_usefocus true;hd_nozoomlean false;hd_noslide false;hd_autostrip 0;hd_maglimit 0;echo Hideous Destructor User CVars reset"
alias hd_clearmyloadout "hd_myloadout none";
alias hd_clearwepcv "hd_derpmode 3;hd_crosshair 0;hd_nv 7;hd_swapbarrels false;hd_weapondefaults .;echo Hideous Destructor Weapon CVars reset"
alias hd_showskins "netevent hd_showskins";
alias hd_skins "netevent hd_showskins";
alias teamspawn "netevent teamspawn %1";
alias ab "netevent ab %1";
alias checkin "netevent checkin";
alias rf "hd_findrange";
alias ied "netevent ied %1 %2";
alias detonate "netevent ied 999 %1";
alias iedactive "netevent ied 1 %1";
alias iedpassive "netevent ied 2 %1";
alias iedtag "netevent iedtag %1";
alias herp "netevent herp %1 %2 %3";
alias herptag "netevent herptag %1";
alias herpdir "netevent herpdir %1 %2";
alias derp "netevent derp %1 %2";
alias derpt "netevent derp 1 %1";
alias derpa "netevent derp 2 %1";
alias derpp "netevent derp 3 %1";
alias derpcome "netevent derp 4 %1";
alias derpgo "netevent derp 5 %1";
alias derpat "netevent derp 6 %1";
alias derptag "netevent derptag %1";
alias derpcontroller "netevent derp 1024";
alias derpmvsw "netevent derp 801 %1";
alias derpmvs "netevent derp 802 %1";
alias derpmvse "netevent derp 803 %1";
alias derpmvw "netevent derp 804 %1";
alias derpmve "netevent derp 806 %1";
alias derpmvnw "netevent derp 807 %1";
alias derpmvn "netevent derp 808 %1";
alias derpmvne "netevent derp 809 %1";
alias dt "derpt %1";
alias da "derpa %1";
alias dp "derpp %1";
alias dcome "derpcome %1";
alias dc "derpcome %1";
alias dgo "derpgo %1";
alias dg "derpgo %1";
alias dat "derpat %1";
alias dtag "derptag %1";
alias dmvsw "netevent derp 801 %1";
alias dmvs "netevent derp 802 %1";
alias dmvse "netevent derp 803 %1";
alias dmvw "netevent derp 804 %1";
alias dmve "netevent derp 806 %1";
alias dmvnw "netevent derp 807 %1";
alias dmvn "netevent derp 808 %1";
alias dmvne "netevent derp 809 %1";
alias derppz "derpcome %1";
alias dtz "derpa %1";
alias db "netevent doorbuster %1 %2";
alias dbtag "netevent doorbustertag %1";
alias doorbuster "netevent doorbuster %1 %2";
alias doorbustertag "netevent doorbustertag %1";