A gameplay modification for GZDoom https://github.com/coelckers/gzdoom Made for Freedoom but should work with any Doom IWAD.
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server int hd_debug=0;
//multi meta
server bool hd_nobots=false;
server int hd_nodoorbuster=0;
server bool hd_safelifts=true;
server bool hd_dirtywindows=true;
server bool hd_novilespam=true;
server bool hd_3speed=false;
//gameplay modes
server noarchive string hd_forceloadout="";
server noarchive string hd_blacklist="";
server noarchive bool hd_pof=false;
server noarchive bool hd_disintegrator=false;
server noarchive bool hd_flagpole=false;
server noarchive bool hd_dropeverythingondeath=false;
server noarchive bool hd_persistentlives=false;
server float hd_encumbrance=1.;
server int hd_killerbarrels=5;
server int hd_shardrate=0;
server float hd_damagefactor=1.;
server bool hd_nobleed=false;
server bool hd_lowspeed=false;
user bool hd_hudsprite=false;
user bool hd_noslide=false;
user float hd_nv=7;
user int hd_nv_style=7;
user bool hd_helptext=true;
user int hd_hudstyle=0;
user int hd_noscope=0;
user bool hd_sightbob=true;
user float hd_xhscale=1.;
user int hd_hudusedelay=12;
user int hd_crosshair=0;
user float hd_aimsensitivity=0.1;
user float hd_bracesensitivity=1.0;
user bool hd_usefocus=true;
user bool hd_nozoomlean=false;
user bool hd_autostrip=false;
user bool hd_swapbarrels=false;
user int hd_maglimit=0;
user bool hd_consolidate=true;
user noarchive int hd_lasttip=-1; //don't try to customize this
user string hd_skin="";
user float hd_voicepitch=1.;
user string hd_weapondefaults="";
user noarchive string hd_setweapondefault="";
user int hd_derpmode=3; //1-3, turret/ambush/patrol
user bool hd_autoactivateied=true;
//actually a command
user noarchive string hd_give="";
user noarchive string hd_myloadout="";
user string hd_loadout1="Rifleman: z66, 450 5, rkt 6, sol";
user string hd_loadout2="BRLLB0#Classic Rifleman: lib nobp, 730 5, rkt 6,sol";
user string hd_loadout3="Infiltrator: smg, 930 5, blo, rkt 4, frg 1, lit, bat, dbs 2, sol";
user string hd_loadout4="Enforcer: hun, shl 36, blo, rkt 4, frg 4, sol";
user string hd_loadout5="Support Gunner: vul, 450 7, bat 1, sol";
user string hd_loadout6="Grenadier: lau, rkt 12, rkh 2, frg 3, sol";
user string hd_loadout7="Cannoneer: bro, brb 20, z66 nogl, 450, sol";
user string hd_loadout8="Specialist: thu, bat 6, frg 6,sol";
user string hd_loadout9="Hideous Destructor: bfg, bat 6, frg 6, sol";
user string hd_loadout10="Contractor: sla, shl 20, pis, 915 2, awb, sol, bak blo. rkt 3. med 2. stm 2. lit. bat 2. shl 40";
user string hd_loadout11="Marksman: bos frontreticle, pis selectfire, 710 10, 7rl, frg6, sol";
user string hd_loadout12="MEDIA0#Medic: pis selectfire, 915 2, frg 2, zrk 2, med 2, stm 2, sol, bak saw. bat 2. lit. zrk 3. med 4. stm 7. bld 3. dbs 3";
user string hd_loadout13="HERPA8A2#Roboticist: pis, drp 3, hrp, ied 3, 915 4, 450 3, bat, frg 2, med, stm, awg, bak. 450 5. 915 5. bat 3. rkt 6";
user string hd_loadout14="ARMSA0#Security Guard: pis, 915 2, med, awg";
user string hd_loadout15="IFOGB0#Insurgent: insurgent";
user string hd_loadout16="PISTA0#Doomed Guy: doomguy";
user string hd_loadout17="STFEVL0#Naturist:";
user string hd_loadout18="pis selectfire, 915 5, sol";
user string hd_loadout19="sla, shl 30, rev 2, 355 60, sol";
user string hd_loadout20="bos customchamber, 710 15, rev 2, 355 120, sol";