A gameplay modification for GZDoom https://github.com/ZDoom/gzdoom Made for Freedoom but should work with any Doom IWAD. More discussion can be found on the forums: https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=43&t=12973
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mc776 9e2378f394 pistol: allow new trigger pull 1 tic earlier. 7 hours ago
actors IsMoving: avoid A_Give wherever possible. 2 months ago
filter bbtalk: irrumate player with political agenda. 2 months ago
graphics blooper: make sights usable diegetically. 3 months ago
maps range: remove automap markers. 1 year ago
sounds taunts: move additional Rachel sounds to separate mod. 3 months ago
sprites BLOPA0: restore offset. 2 months ago
zscript pistol: allow new trigger pull 1 tic earlier. 7 hours ago
.gitattributes not zenscript 3 years ago
.gitignore skins: explicitly clear skinname array. 3 years ago
README.md magammo: add clattering on drop. 2 months ago
animdefs.txt scopes: remove unused compatibility code. 2 months ago
blurdesaturate.fp blursphere: less bright shader. 12 months ago
castingcall.txt as the moonlight expels 3 years ago
colourblind.fp Added colourblind shader for testing purposes in the future. 4 years ago
credits.txt hey 3 months ago
cvarinfo.txt loadout: replace hd_blacklist with hd_noloadout. 4 weeks ago
decaldef.txt bronto: allow to penetrate map geometry like regular bullet. 5 months ago
decorate.txt IsMoving: avoid A_Give wherever possible. 2 months ago
doomdefs.txt necromancer: comment out old version. 5 months ago
doomednums.txt soulsphere, etc.: rename. 3 months ago
fontdefs.txt There can get to be a lot of these. 3 years ago
gldefs.txt blursphere: use the shader. 1 year ago
hd.txt sounds: convert to WAV, then use LAME to conver to MP3. 1 year ago
hd_lore_nonfree.md shieldcore: document. 4 months ago
hd_manual.md loadout: allow `all` for `hd_forceloadout`. 3 weeks ago
keyconf.txt instagib: add specialized mode. 4 weeks ago
language.en language: new target version. 1 month ago
licence.txt licence: update date. 9 months ago
mapinfo.txt mapinfo: delete quit messages. 3 years ago
menudef.txt disintegrator: new effect. 4 weeks ago
nitevis.fp nitevis: use modified dtouch-compatible shader. 1 year ago
opbarks.txt checkin: use HDTeamSay. 10 months ago
opnames.txt text: add Cali's randomizer. 10 months ago
sndinfo.txt necromancer: vocalize the curse with `vile/curse`. 1 month ago
teaminfo.txt teams: change names. 9 months ago
texgun.txt blooper: make sights usable diegetically. 3 months ago
texsights.txt blooper: make back sight less prominent. 3 months ago
textures.txt mag: make empty clip horizontal. 2 months ago
trnslate.txt lizardbaby: add some variation. 3 months ago
zscript.zs player: sync bob to steps. 2 months ago


Hideous Destructor

A gameplay modification for GZDoom https://github.com/ZDoom/gzdoom

To use (assuming you are reading this on the Git page):

  1. Download the repository as a zip file.
  2. Drag that file into GZDoom.exe or select it using the GZDoom command line or your favourite launcher.

If you are reading this after having pulled it out of the already-downloaded zip/folder, load that zip/folder into GZDoom.

If you are downloading the release, just load the .pk7 the same way you do a .pk3, and open it as a .7z archive to access the manual.

Make sure you have keys bound for speed, crouch, reload, zoom, and user1 through 4.

hd_manual.md contains the full manual.

hd.txt contains a draft of the relevant information for any future archival in /idgames.

For more info, stop by at the thread on the ZDoom forums: https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=43&t=12973