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<title>Setting up a Pi-hole on my Raspberry Pi</title>
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<h1 id="content-title">Setting up a Pi-hole on my Raspberry Pi</h1>
<p class="content-header author">Michael Zeevi</p>
<p class="content-header date"><time datetime="2021-05-30">2021-05-30</time></p>
<h2 id="intro">Intro</h2>
<p>Today’s personal endeavor was setting up a <a href="">Pi-hole</a> to block unwanted content for all devices connected to my home network.</p>
<h2 id="how-it-works">How it works</h2>
<p>For anybody unfamiliar, I’ll briefly explain how a Pi-hole works:</p>
<p>The Pi-hole acts as a <em>sole</em> (single) local DNS server, configured with a blacklist of domains which are known for serving ads and other unwanted content (such as trackers). This way, whenever an application (such as a web browser, or even a game on one’s smartphone) needs to fetch external content, then the process starts by attempting to resolve the serving domain; if the domain is in the Pi-hole’s blacklist then the Pi-hole <em>doesn’t</em> return the content. The importance of a Pi-hole being the <em>sole</em> DNS server on the network is so that when queries for unwanted content are blocked, there should <em>not</em> be an alternative DNS server to fall-back on, which would succeed at resolving the queries for unwanted content.</p>
<h2 id="deployment">Deployment</h2>
<p>I deployed <em>my</em> Pi-hole server as a Docker container, running on a <a href="">Raspberry Pi 4</a>. Specific instructions about this can be found on the <a href="">Pi-hole page at DockerHub</a>. The <code>docker-compose.yaml</code> file contains:</p>
<pre><code>version: &quot;3&quot;
container_name: pihole
hostname: &#39;pi.hole&#39;
image: pihole/pihole:v5.8.1-armhf-buster
network_mode: host
TZ: &#39;Israel&#39;
PIHOLE_DNS_: &#39;;;
DNSSEC: &#39;true&#39;
VIRTUAL_HOST: &#39;pi.hole&#39;
- &#39;./etc-pihole/:/etc/pihole/&#39;
- &#39;./etc-dnsmasq.d/:/etc/dnsmasq.d/&#39;
restart: unless-stopped</code></pre>
<h2 id="router-configuration-dhcp-and-dns">Router configuration (DHCP and DNS)</h2>
<p>In my router I reserved the Raspberry Pi’s IP address’ DHCP lease (so that it wouldn’t have the chance to change in case of a restart, etc.), and configured the router’s DNS nameserver to use the Raspberry Pi, which serves the Pi-hole. Note that the <em>Secondary DNS</em> field - which must remain empty!</p>
<img src="res/pi-hole/router-dhcp-reservation-lease.png" alt="" /><figcaption>Router DHCP reservation lease</figcaption>
<img src="res/pi-hole/router-dns-config.png" alt="" /><figcaption>Router DNS configuration</figcaption>
<h2 id="pi-hole-configuration-local-dns-record">Pi-hole configuration (local DNS record)</h2>
<p>In the Pi-hole I optionally chose to configure a local DNS record to map the domain name <a href="http://pi.hole/">pi.hole</a> to its [reserved] IP address. This allows me to access the Pi-hole’s front end dashboard (which it exposes automatically) via a comfortable domain name, instead of its IP address.</p>
<img src="res/pi-hole/address-bar.png" alt="" /><figcaption>Pi-hole address bar</figcaption>
<img src="res/pi-hole/dashboard.png" alt="" /><figcaption>Pi-hole dashboard</figcaption>
<h2 id="conclusion">Conclusion</h2>
<p>In conclusion, this is a neat project which involves a nice handful of network and internet theory, bundled into an elegant solution for an everyday problem.</p>
<p>There is one major caveat with this solution, in regards of blocking ads: it doesn’t work for ads in YouTube videos. The reason for this is because the ads are served from the <em>same</em> domains as the actual video content. Therefore, if one’s a frequent consumer of YouTube, then they should consider using a browser based ad-blocker plugin in addition to a Pi-hole.</p>
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