My SSG for generating my website/blog content.
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Input preparation

  1. All content should be written in markdown and put in the in/ directory.

    Note: Do not create an in/ file, since the build will overwrite it when generating the blog index.

  2. Blog posts should be placed in the in/posts/ directory, with filenames that are arranged chronologically by prefix (using numbers and dashes only), such as:

  3. Each post should contain the following YAML in its frontmatter:

    title: Generating HTML with Pandoc
    date: 11/03/2022
    author: Michael Zeevi  # optional
    keywords:  # optional
    - markdown
    - html
  4. Additional resources and media (CSS, images, PGP public key, etc.) can be put in the res/ directory, which will be copied to out/res/ during build.


  • Build by running make (which wraps the ./ script) - this will clean and then produce the output in the directory out.
  • Running make publish will both build and copy the output to the ../pages/ directory (repository). In order to complete publishing one may review the static content in the ../pages/ repository, then commit and push it to the remote repository.