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ooo ooooo .o8 o8o
`88. .888' "888 `"'
888b d'888 888oooo. .oooo. .oooo.o oooo .ooooo.
8 Y88. .P 888 d88' `88b `P )88b d88( "8 `888 d88' `"Y8
8 `888' 888 888 888 .oP"888 `"Y88b. 888 888
8 Y 888 888 888 d8( 888 o. )88b 888 888 .o8
o8o o888o `Y8bod8P' `Y888""8o 8""888P' o888o `Y8bod8P'
Small BASIC interpreter written in C by matthilde
Licensed under the WTFPL license
Here I come with yet another project done in a few hours.
Mbasic is a very simple BASIC dialect that fits in ~200 lines of C99.
* Building and Usage
* Files
* Programming in Mbasic
* Syntax
* Commands Reference
* Licensing
COMPILING: run `make` or `cc -std=c99 basic.c -o basic`
if no FILENAME is specified, it will read from stdin.
Makefile - the makefile
README.txt - what you are currently reading
basic.c - the BASIC interpreter
guess_number.bas - little "Guess the number" game
The syntax is fairly simple
; This is a comment
10 PRINT "This is a line of code"
; Arguments are seperated with whitespace
20 PRINT "1 + 1 = " 2+2
; That means math expressions cannot have whitespace
* Comments cannot be at the end of a line of code. (too lazy to
implement that lmao).
* All lines must start with a digit that defines the line of code.
* Math expressions does not support parentheses.
* There is a special variable in math expression called `RANDOM` which
gives a random integer between 0 and RAND_MAX (whatever the value
of it is in your C compiler).
* Variables can only hold integers, the quoted strings can only be
used in the PRINT command.
The programming language has 8 commands:
PRINT args ... - Prints the specified args
INPUT varname - Ask the user for a number and store it in the
specified variable
VAR varmame v - varname = v
IF cond loc... - if cond>0 then run "loc"
GOTO line - Go to the specified line
GOSUB line - Go to subroutine at specified line
RET - Return from subroutine
END - Stops the program
This program is licensed under the WTFPL.