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lightrcg is a lightweight pseudo-3D game engine written in C. It is mostly focused around raycasting, a pseudo-3D rendering technique old video games such as Ken's Labyrinth or Wolfenstein 3D used.

If you intend to use lightrcg with something else than SDL, I apologize for the additional dependency. I am planning to make the frontend optional as lightrcg does not need SDL to function (you can even do a terminal raycasting game if you want to).


  • Basic raycasting (walls, textures, sprites)
  • Animated textures
  • Sprites with Z height (basically it can go up and down)
  • an SDL Front-end to make game programming easier (well, i try)
  • Custom floor and ceilings
  • Lightmap (basically you can set the luminosity of each map tile)
  • Custom bitmap file format (not really a feature, I just didn't bothered to use some library for PNG and JPG images)
  • Custom map file format
  • 100% software rendering, no GPU acceleration


This work is licensed under the Mozilla Public License 2.0