fast brainfuck interpreter written in C
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BFVM by matthilde

This is an optimized brainfuck interpreter that uses a VM with an instruction
set designed to run brainfuck.
The assembler includes a few optimizations to improve speed greatly.
And it now includes a Just-In-Time compiler (JIT) that is even faster.

NOTE: The JIT has been designed to run on x86-64 CPUs, if you have something
else, the JIT will not work.
And since it uses mmap, it only works for Linux.
However nothing prevents you to port this interpreter, if it's even worth


bfvm.c - The brainfuck interpreter, code is commented
naive.c - A naive brainfuck interpreter I wrote a year ago
benchmark.txt - The benchmarks - Hello World - A copy of the mandelbrot fractals algorithm in brainfuck


Compiling the brainfuck interpreter

cc bfvm.c -O3 -o bfvm

Compiling the naive brainfuck interpreter

cc naive.c -o naive


bfvm [-vjc] FILENAME
-v is to enable verbose logs, used to debug the assembler
-j is to enable JIT mode
-c is to enable compiler mode (will output x86 code)



Look, I don't care about this piece of software. Do whatever you want with it
tbh, belongs to public domain i guess