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Tool for tracking down who added specific tag. It exists as a Python package, so you need to write a Python script to use it (see an example below).

Will work fine for tags used on a small scale.

As it will download objects with Overpass Turbo and then use editing API to retrieve old versions of each object, it is acceptable to be used only for tags that have few instances.

Do not try to run it for say building=house

But for investigating who added tag appearing 1017 times? Should be fine.

It can be useful to

  • notify editors about tagging discussion
  • easily track down who was adding specific tag which is unclear/dubious/problematic

Usage example

import who_added_this_tag

config = {
    'key': 'related:wikipedia',
    'value': None, # may be None - in such case it looks for all values of key
    'area_identifier_key': None, # may be None, in such case search is worldwide, 'ISO3166-1' is a good identifier
    'area_identifier_value': 'PL', # ignored if area_identifier_key is None
    'list_all_edits': True,
    'list_all_edits_made_by_this_users': [], # ignored with list_all_edits set to True

Run tests

python3 -m unittest