Mirror of the repository on my personal Gitea instance: https://gitea.massivebox.net/massivebox/retrofw-jiljil
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RetroFW JilJil



This repo contains the source code for my port of JilJil for (hopefully) RetroFW compatible devices and Linux.

JilJil is a simple arcade-style score based game, where you control a weird worm inside an aquarium, and you have to run away from a cat that is trying to catch you by the ribbon on your tail. You also have to bounce off of a lemon as many times as you can.

While this game is named as a port of JilJil, the actual source code of JilJil is not publicly available, so I decided to rewrite the game from scratch and I've added some tweaks here and there to spice up the gameplay. The physics are not supposed to be 1:1 to actual JilJil!

Some of the assets and resources used to create this game are (c) 1997 Studio Pixel. If you represent Mr. Daisuke Amaya, Studio Pixel, or any affiliates, please contact me at legal@massivebox.net.


On Linux

Simply run make.
You'll need SDL development libraries (including SDL Mixer and SDL Image), and the C compiler gcc.
You will get an executable called 2048.dge, run it and enjoy your 2048 experience!

On Linux for RetroFW

Run make -f Makefile.rfw ipk to generate an IPK file, or make -f Makefile.rfw opk to generate an OPK (recommended).
You will need the RetroFW Buildroot to cross-compile. Check out my project RetroFW Docker Buildroot to install the Buildroot in an easier and platform-independent way.

On Windows or MacOS for RetroFW

Run make -f Makefile.rfw ipk to generate an IPK file, or make -f Makefile.rfw opk to generate an OPK (recommended).
Since these platforms don't natively support Buildroot, I recommend you to use the RetroFW Docker Buildroot.


Contributions are always welcome! You can contribute by opening a pull request or an issue.
You can also report me stuff via email if you don't want to sign up to whichever Git server I choose to host this project.
My mail is hello@massivebox.net.