Port of the puzzle game 2048 for RetroFW devices.
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RetroFW 2048

RetroFW 2048 is a port of the puzzle game 2048 for all RetroFW-compatible devices, with 3x3 and 4x4 boards support and some animations.

Inspired by Gabriele Cirulli's original game.


For Linux

Simply run make.
You'll need SDL development libraries, and the C compiler gcc.
You will get an executable called 2048.dge, run it and enjoy your 2048 experience!

For RetroFW

Run make -f Makefile.RS97
You'll need a working buildroot installation, that includes the SDL development libraries, and gcc. Since RetroFW runs on MIPSel devices, instead of the compiler gcc, the Makefile will use mipsel-linux-gcc, make sure it is a working command on your machine, if it isn't, make sure that the folder where the mipsel-linux-gcc binary is stored is in $PATH. You will get a file called build.ipk that you can install on RetroFW devices.

For Windows

I have no idea. Just get Linux :P


Contributions are always welcome! You can contribute by opening a pull request or an issue.
You can also report me stuff via email if you don't want to sign up to whichever Git server I choose to host this project.
My mail is hello@massivebox.eu.org.